What I Learned This Week: #72

The Week in Dollar Store Decorating: I appreciate Halloween, but I don’t really go all out with costumes and decorating. When my apartment building announced a door decroating contest I wasn’t terribly interested. I don’t know how to stick stuff to the door, or how to put together a respectable display. But, I do like to participate. I went to the dollor store and put together this Halloween totem to decorate my alcove. I’m not going to win any freakin’ door decorating contest, but every time I open my door I get a good laugh.

Happy Halloween from the Dollar Store

The Week in Dead Fruit: No one would take responsibility for leaving a banana on a table in the common area at work. The by the end of the week, the grim reaper had had enough.

grim reaper
Grim Reaper vanquishes dead banana

The Week in Getting Screwed: I’m cleaning up a house I’m about to put on the market and with the new coats of paint, I changed out all the switch and outlet cover plates. All and all there were maybe 3 dozen or so, and me and my flat head screw driver were making short work out of this simple home improvement project. Anyone who has ever owned a house will tell you no project, even the simplest one, goes off without some kind of hitch. True to form, the very last plate I needed to replace was attached with phillips head screws. Gah!!! My rule of thumb is that no home project is complete without an expected run to the basement tool bench or back to the hardware store and, the exasperating string of cuss words.

In a sea of flatheads, phillips makes its appearance

The Week in What Not to Put on a Pizza: Clams. Taft’s Brewpourium serves a pizza with clams. It is terrible.

Possibly the worst pizza I ever ate.

The Week in Unexpected Oasis: Trying to escape the shit show of drunken behavior that is Main Stree on a Saturday night, I finally decided to walk into Fuel, a non-profit bar, that looks nothing short of sketchy from the outside. You can’t see in and the only way you know they are open is the sandwich board sign out front and a small blinking “open” sign in the window. Inside, it looks like someone found some kitchen tables and chairs circa 1978 and crammed them in the small room.  There is a 4 seat bar, where the two patrons and the bartender who dueling it out with their phones over what music the system would play. To know what beer they have, the bartender suggests you just open the fridge (which is not behind the bar) and get the one you want. They place was quiet, and peaceful and a total Main Street surprise.

The Week in Great Customer Service: I had an 8:45 dinner reservation at my newest restaurant crush Lou Vino on Saturday night. When we walked in the host said our table was just about to turn over and it would just be a few minutes. Those few minutes turned to be an understatement and the host found us at the bar to assure us they were still waiting for the table to clear, and it looked like the diners were about to wrap it up. That turned out to be wishful thinking and the host came back to say they had turned to “agressive bussing” and then he offered us an appetizer on the house. Look, I don’t know what was happening at the table we were waiting for, but at a popular restaurant on a Saturday night, not every thing goes as planned. The host, with his attentive eye and good-spirited sense of humor kept our wait fun.

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