What I Learned This Week: #73

Monday, October 15 – Sunday, October 21


The Week in What Makes Me Happy: I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few weeks getting a property I own in the suburbs ready for sale. As the house kept looking better and better, I started thinking maybe I didn’t want to sell it. The memories the house holds certainly were weighing on me, but also the yard work reminded me of the sense of accomplishment and pride of owning a home.

Taking care of a house was something I got better and better at the longer I lived there. My favorite thing was nn Saturday afternoons after I’d weeded and mowed I would stand on my back deck and just admired my kingdom.

What was making me sentimental as I prepped the house for sale was the same feelings I had when I decided to move out of the property 6 years ago. I loved it, but I wanted to be downtown. I moved but the house was always the safety net in case my choice wasn’t good. Turns out, the choice was good, and it’s time to say good bye to my good house.


The Week in Empanadas: Che on Walnut does great work with their mini-empanadas which are always delicious. Plus, I could probably drink a chimchuri cocktail or just do shots of the chimichuri sauce.

Beautiful, brown, deep-fried stuffed dough.

The Week in Bar Errors: If I’ve learned one thing drinking at the bar of restaurant, drink errors are a thing. The server gives the wrong number of drinkgs, the customer changes his/her mind,or the wrong drink is poured. This is terrible…except if I’m paying attention, sometimes that error works in my favor. Thank you dude at the table up front for changing your mind mid-order. Cheers.

Bar error in my favor

The Week in Pretending to be Rich: The Mega Millions lottery jackpot soared to a Billion Dollars this week. I bought a ticket because it’s $2 of entertainment. Plus me and my coworkers bought a slew of “pooled numbers.” I always buy those not as much for the win as for the insurance that if one of us hits, we all hit…I will not be the last woman standing. Well, unbelieveably no one won on Friday and when I win $1.8 billion this coming Tuesday I’m going to start buying field trips for kids to experience the arts. Every kid in America is going to have to get on a bus to see excerpts from an opera. I will pay for it and sit back while those little jerks mock my name for sending them to something so stupid (because what do they know, they’re just kids). And that’s what I’ve been thinking about as I play the numbers.

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