What I Learned This Week: #74

Monday, October 22 – Sunday, October 28


The Week in Life Calls (What the Kids Call “Adulting”): When I look back on the week, it’s a week of taking care of the people around me. My brother had a health scare and a close friend’s Mom died.  Well geez, taking care of my family and supporting my friend’s family in these circumstances was scary and heartbreaking, with feelings of relief and love. That’s a decent week of humanity.

The Week in Funerary Plans: I was at a funeral this week and the man who delivered the eulogy read from the book Janet was reading at the time of her death. Of course it was the Bible, booked marked to the Book of Psalms and it was beautiful. I got to thinking about what would happen if I added this request to my own funerary arrangements what book passage would those gathered have to endure? I’m sure it would be a doozy. So instead, I think my eulogy should include a reading of my last 10 internet searches. That would at least be entertaining.

The Week in Health:  While I was diligently monitoring my Mom’s health, my Brother showed up out of left field with his own health crisis. To say my Mom and I were surprised is an understatement. The problem turned out to be a mild stroke, and to be honest, “mild stroke” on TV seems more benign that “mild stroke” in real life. The hospital doctor explained how the brain healed the physical problem. Meanwhile, the brain continued to feed the mental issue of “what I’m hearing can’t be true.” Thinking a not-mild stroke could happen at any time is freakin’ scary.  You’d think if the brain fixed something it could send a message.


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