What I Learned This Week: #75

Monday, October 29  – Sunday, November 4


The Week in Cleansing: Sometimes it’s okay to let go of the $4 dollar Halloween decoration you bought like 15 years ago. I mean, I had this tacky thing around for years, and finally, this year, looking at the remaining 4 of the original 10 fingers, I decided to let go. But before it hit the trash, I decided it was “work-worthy” where it spent it’s final October on the department’s filing cabinet. November 1st was the end. I have to admit, he was at his most creepy in the trash can looking up from the collection of empty halloween candy wrappers. I almost felt guilty.

The minute he hit the trash can he finally got creepy!


The Week in Fresh Breath and Housekeeping: Some Altoids spent several days on the parking garage floor. Someone took the time to organize them. Rats, who I understand don’t like mint flavor, avoided them, as did the cleaning staff. Finally, when I needed one, they were gone, swept up or eaten, I’ll never know.

Not quite OCD, but human intervention is obvious.


The Week in Salad Stacks: Jean Robert’s Table put together this Quinoa, fruit and Lobster Tail “Bengals” Salad. Delicious from the first bite to the last (unlike the actual Bengals who are questionable until the final quarter).


The Week in Bathing: The Baptist Church on 13th Street recently closed its doors and its new owner planned to turn the building into a single family residence. The owner let the OTR Foundation bring in some architects to look at the building before he began renovations. They knew from a street map of the early 1900’s that the building was built as a bath house, a place where the working class people of the neighborhood could come for a shower in a time when most local housing did not have private, indoor plumbing. They uncovered some pretty cool features. They figured out there were separate entrances for men and woman, and there was a pool in the basement. They don’t know the rules of use or what kind of pool was in the basement, but the building was a neat insight into life at that time.

OTR is an historical neighborhood, filled with people who are interested and knowledgable about the area. When one of the speakers stumbled on what year Old St. Mary’s was built, about half the crowd of about 50 people chimed in to help her. That is a beautiful example of Love of Place.


The Week in Ugly Shirts: Nothing makes me happier at work than wearing an aggressively ugly shirt.  It kills me how people struggle to tell me how “cute” it is. It kills me that I have walked up the rules of the dress code and got away with nonsense. Here are two shirts that I will wear to work, and probably nowhere else, ever.


The Week in Sous Chef-ing: As November gets into gear with an early Thanksgiving barrelling down upon me, it’s time to start cooking. First up is homemade chicken broth. Friends don’t let friends use canned/boxed broth for the holiday. This batch should make enough to get us through the stuffing and gravy and what not that we’ll cook on T-Day. Also, I better clean out my freezer. #LeftoverWeekIsHere

The love of Thanksgiving in a pot of chicken stock.





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