What I Learned This Week: #77 – #78

Monday, November 12 – Sunday, November 18 and Monday, November 18 – Sunday, November 24

Taken from a revolving restaurant

The Week in Word Press Changed Everything: So, I dutifully came to Word Press  for my week #77 post but, unbeknownst to me, Word Press changed just about everything. It was late and I couldn’t  figure out what was happening (or, more accurately, petulantly didn’t want to learn it!). The preview button wasn’t working (and still isn’t a week later), so I don’t know what this will look like.

I had planned in post #77 to talk about figs, and revolving restaurants, guitar combos, Weidemann beer, and maybe an inappropriate story from my Mom. You know, the usual scintillating stuff. But I couldn’t make it happen.

So I decided to punt and put up this picture of Burrata Cheese and Fig Jam from Crown Republic. 

Sure, it looks like someone spilled open the contents of a mincemeat pie, but the fig jam is delicious.

Welp, it turns out I never hit publish. So, I’ll try again this week. P.S.  That fig and Burrata was delicious!

The Week in Human Behavior: With a house on the market and dropping temperatures, I had a plumber come in an winterize the house – the water is off and the pipes have been drained. In the first showing after this very responsible move, a kid made a move of his own in the bathroom toilet. Because, of course! Also, despite feeling at home, the family did not show any interest in purchasing the house. 

The Week in Food Photos: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I get to cook a little and bake a little for days on end.  This year my oven took an extra long time to get to 350, and it put me behind on T-Day morning making my pumpkin log. Luckily, I channeled Mother Nature to swoop in and chill the cake part and dessert, and my timely arrival were both saved. T-Day is so good and I get so caught up in the kitchen and with friends and family, I forget to take pictures. I did manage to get a picture of the rolls, the last thing left on the cleared dinner table.

The Week In Gadgets:  We faced a near disaster in T-Day dinner prep when we realized neither peeler in the gadget drawer survived from the previous year. One was missing a blade the other was completely cracked. The neighbors bailed us out, but all their shiny new Kitchenaid peeler did (besides an admirable job of peeling potatoes) was remind us that all we want for Christmas is a one piece, metal peeler, a peeler that will be peeling potatoes long after the Kitchenaid has ceased to be useful.

The Week in Livestock in the Hood: Walking past St. Francis Seraph on Saturday I noticed the sign for the live Nativity scene. Sure enough, I was greeted by goats and sheep and a few city dwellers in awe of nature’s proximity. Like the excitement of T-Day above, the excitement of live animals made me forget to get a picture of the mannequin nativity scene.  But I did pet goats and sheep and call them by the names on their tags. I think we bonded.

The Week in The Holidays: Downtown officially kicked off the Christmas season with Santa arriving on Fountain Square in the midst of Cincideutsch Christkindlmarkt, a traditional German craft market held each year. Fireworks topped off the celebration. It was a beautiful and festive evening.

Merry Christmas from the Hood

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