What I Learned This Week: #79

Monday, November 26 – Sunday, December 2

The Week in Schmaltz: As the newish OTR restaurant Sacred Beast settles in and finds its voice, it continues to offer matzo ball soup on its regular menu. This is a very unusual ethnic choice for the demographic makeup of the neighborhood. But the soup is perfect for the aesthetics of the neighborhood, where quality is expected and people are willing to pay for it. The soup is downtown priced at $10.95, but you can definitely taste the time and care that went into it. And, you can taste the schmaltz. The rendered chicken fat gives the soup a rich, simple flavor that would please someone’s Bubbe greatly.


The week in merchandising: At TJ Maxx there is so much merchandise in the store that sometimes the sales floor seems almost alive with goods. Here’s Kylo Ren getting stared down by a puppy while a bear looks bored.

“You need a teacher. I can show you the ways of the Force.”

The week in Hominy: Flipping through my recipe cards I came across an old one for a hominy and sausage bake. I like hominy, especially in a Mexican/Tex-Mex inspired Pozole (pork stew). I also like the sound of the word ‘hominy’ and wish more people knew it so I could make some grandpa jokes – 

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Hominy who?
Hominy times are we going to go through this!

Old recipe and new hominy. Is that Juanita on the label inviting me to try her hominy? Very festive.

The Week in Marketing: What do you think the ad agency charged to come up with this promotion?

Note that “Mississippi Hillbilly Specials “has been trademarked.

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