What I Learned This Week: #81

Monday, December 10 – Sunday, December 16

The Week in Birth: My co-worker gave birth to baby Adam last week and I got to meet him this week. For 9 months I experienced somewhat of a sympathetic pregnancy, co-gestating with my coworker. I was more hungry more often than normal, a little extra cranky, and a lot extra emotional. I was especially glad to meet him at their house and not at one of those baby-work visits where women lose their shit at the sight of an infant.

I also love visiting with first time parents. Their house is full of love and joy and great expectation…and, just underneath the surface, the terror that the baby is going to die. The parents mention SIDs about 6 times in the hour I was there. Of course, parents will always be protective with their kids, but with a newborn, it’s so raw. As of this writing, the kid is thriving!

Actual baby not pictured!

The Week In International Commerce: Back in July I realized I needed a new messenger bag. I fired up the internet and found one made by the Swedish company Anvanda on Indiegogo, a site, like Kickstarter, where you get a deal on a new product so the entrepreneurs can use your money as seed money to start their venture.

I ordered the bag, which they billed in the marketing material as ‘A Great F*cking Bag”. And I waited. I got many emails updating the progress of the bag from manufacturing to shipping.  In November,  they sent me a link to watch the cargo ship carrying my bag from China as it unloaded in the port of LA. I watched it for three days and watched the cargo ship leave the port. Then I got an email saying they were having trouble getting the bag to the shipping station. For just a moment, after all that time, I had my first doubts.  It was with great joy (and a sigh of relief) that  I got my great f*cking bag. And, I love it.

The Week in Returned Property / Workplace Talisman: In October, my grim reaper figure made it out to the common area where someone had left a past-its-prime banana. Then, the reaper disappeared. I figured a sour puss threw it and (hopefully) the banana away. In fact, the grim reaper had been sitting on Jim’s desk, apparently put there by one of his cube-mates for some personal joke. Well, Jim is off to a new company, and me and the grim reaper are reunited. 

I’m back…the banana is long gone

The Week in Restaurants ‘Finding Their Voice”: When I first stopped into The Butcher and Barrel on Race street over a year ago, it just took one glance at their small menu to make me glad I was just there for a drink. The place lacked coherence. Recently  though, I’ve stopped in a couple of times and now their Argentinian Grill concept is fully realized. The menu is small but with good variety, the wine list is reasonably priced, the service is friendly and knowledgeable, and the food is outstanding. No pics but I had the  Noquis con Estofado, a gnocchi with braised short ribs that was outstanding! 

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