What I Learned This Week: #82

Monday, December 17 – Sunday, December 23

The Week in Dog, Part One, the Dog: Bode, the dog’s owner is out of town and this week he has to contend with me. I tried to get some happy snaps for both the owner’s benefit and because, who doesn’t love dog pics?!?! Dogs, of course, require a fairly regimented schedule, which I really don’t love. But for one week to come home to this boy’s big wagging, arthritic butt, and slobbering big head is a delight.

The Week in Dog, Part One, the Schedule: Speaking of scheduling my life around the dog, I’m not great at it. I’m hyper sensitive about my comings and goings. Like, I just want the dog to be happy and not stressed out. And, like a real dog owner, I have given Bode an entire inner-human-dialogue. On Saturday I realized I was heading home too early and I did not want him to think it was time for dinner. Because he would and I didn’t want to say no to him. To cope (and I mean I needed to cope), I grabbed a glass of wine at Somme, a wine bar just a few blocks away. Coming home at a respectable 5:30, I served Bode dinner at the right time. #IKnowHeDoesn’tOwnAWatch #MaybeHeOwnsAWatch

The Week In “We’ve Never Been There”: Drinking my Time-Killing-Wine at the 6 seat bar at Somme, I sat next to the only other two people in the small restaurant. They live just around the corner so I said they must be regulars. They said it was their first time because the usually hang out in OTR. Sensing a conversational opening, I asked where the hung out. Anchor and Zula was their response. I started naming other places. They’d never been to and in most cased never heard of the places I was naming. The woman was taking notes of restaurants I liked. I mentioned my newest restaurant crush Lou Vino and said it was on Main Street. They seemed not to know where Main Street was. It was the damndest thing. All of downtown Cincinnati and OTR is like 16 by 13 city blocks. I hope they make it out of their two-restaurant comfort zone.

Wine with the natives in the Incline District

The Week in Comfort and Hardware: I realize halfway across the world laborers are painstakingly adding wires to my bras to hold my my ta-tas. I appreciate their efforts. But, as you can see from the brassiere pictured below, there’s not much to hold up. It gives me great pleasure to hit up the tool box and do a little fashion improvement.

The Week in Christmas Cheer: It’s everywhere, thank goodness. The world is entering a very unstable period, so let’s hold on to the love we have. Merry Christmas!

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