What I Learned This Week: #84

Monday, December 31 – Sunday, January 6 (It’s 2019!!)

The Week in No Photo Evidence: Wow! My camera roll is scant to start of the new year.

This space un-intentionally left blank. 

The Week in the New Year: I bid 2018 farewell in my jammies, reading a book, and sipping bourbon. At midnight when I heard cheers and fireworks throughout the neighborhood I said “Whoopie” right out loud, turned out the light, and went to sleep.

BTW, I don’t hate New Year’s Celebrations. There are plenty of amateurs with over-sized expectations and almost a competitive embrace of having the greatest party ever. And, there are a lot of folks resigned to celebrate the holiday as an adult thing that signifies the end of the season. And, just people celebrating the holiday without any baggage at all. #party Any reason to celebrate is cool with me, but, as much as I go out by myself throughout the year, New Year’s is about the worse day to go solo. So I don’t.

The Week in Dry: To start the new year, I like to attempt an alcohol-free month, aka: Dry January. It’s actually a national health initiative in England, and catching on for personal health reasons here in the States. Several of my friends have co-opted the idea. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years. Sometimes I only make it to Martin Luther King Day, but he’s worth drinking to!

A very British way to do Dry January, indeed.

The Week in Translations: About 1/3 of the way through Anna Karenina, one of the main characters , Vronsky, can’t possibly believe he behaves in the boorish manner he has witnessed in a man who has spent the week with him. He thinks, “Brainless beef, can I be like that?” Is that a Russian saying?

Wondering what Brainless Beef is in Russian?!?!

The Week in Good Vibes: Walking around the hood today I passed two young women hugging and laughing as they parted ways after spending some time together. They separated, yelling out glad New Year’s wishes to each other. One of the wishes was: “Go find a Parisien boy and fall in love.” I hope she does and hope it’s wonderful. #SimplePleasures #Youth

Some crap I found around the house that will have to do
for a picture of looking for a Parisien boy.

The Week in Music and Tears: At the Symphony on Saturday, the lady sitting two empty seats away from me literally broke down sobbing at the conclusion of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto, her distress covered by the thunderous applause. As the lights came up I asked her if she was alright and if music had a memory for her. She couldn’t answer and just shook her head. I asked if she was staying for the second half and she said she wasn’t sure. After intermission I was glad to see her, and her new glass of wine, back in place. After the show she thanked me for “making” her come back to her seat. We high-fived and hugged it out. #ThePowerOfMusic

Also, the concert marks the first of my 6th year of subscribing to the CSO and I love the letter they send. I am now Mr. Matsuo’s biggest fan and this letter is like a nerd’s baseball card!


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