What I Learned This Week: #88

Monday, January 29 – Sunday, February 3

The Week in Drinking: Dry January, my yearly exercise in not drinking alcohol to prove to myself how much I love drinking alcohol, ended on Friday. Staying 100% sober was more difficult for me than in years past. I blame the news cycle and blah January weather. I lost no weight (ooops, maybe I should have physically exercised), but read 9 books. And when I went to the Listing Loon for Happy Hour on Friday, mid-way through my second breakfast stout, felt the blush of alcohol hitting my lowered tolerance. It was wonderful. 

Just a peek into the liquor cabinet early in the morning of February 1. Just wanted to say hi.

The Week in the Superbowl Shopping: By the time Superbowl weekend comes around, a majority of Cincinnati Bengals fans are prepping for the Cincinnati Reds (and increasingly, our new MLS Soccer team, FCC). Still, an afternoon set aside for eating snacks, drinking some beers, and watching TV with friends is not to be taken lightly. I was able to partake in the scrum at the Kroger where the Doritos and paper cups aisles were for serious shoppers only. 

The Week in Too Much Technology:  The movie I wanted to see was only playing in AMC Newport’s “special” Dolby Theater. On Tuesdays most movies are bargain priced, but not my showing of Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. This made is all the more surprising when the cashier asked for $16.49. I have to say, under normal circumstances I would have gone to see a different movie, but I happened to be holding a gift certificate so I splurged. I asked what I was getting for my 16 bucks and the cashier said a clearer picture and better seats.  

This sounded like a poorly rehearsed scam. 

Sure enough, the in-house commercial comparing how great the Dolby screen picture was to the other screens was negligible at best. And the “better seats” are the same recliners every new theater has now. The way theaters sell these “better seats” you’d think they converted all the other theaters to folding chairs.  

Long story short: I won’t be doing Dolby any time soon. 

I want 1/2 my money back.

The Week in Spiderman: I’d heard the animated film Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse was good and different. As much as I felt I didn’t need another Spiderman movie, I was intrigued. Turns out, it really is terrific. It’s funny and culturally relevant, while still hitting the sentimental notes without pandering. 

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