What I Learned This Week: #89

Monday, February 4 – Sunday, February 10

The Week In Dough: The people at the place where I make dough, aka work, asked if would bake them something with chocolate. Well, I might not love work (who does?), but I do love my co-workers. So, I spent spent some quality baking time Thursday evening. This is the fourth and final batch to go to the oven, featuring 1 dozen + 2 + 1 “no-chip-batter-bowl-scrape” to finish off the batter. I usually pull the no-chip cookie before I load up the to-go container for work. But I forgot this time. Someone got ripped off.

Even though these are drop cookies, I like to use my dough scoop because it’s cool.

The Week in I Don’t Know This Guy: The week the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra performed Bruckner’s 8th Symphony. I listen to classical music and attend performances, but I really don’t know a lot about the genre just more than a non-listener. I’d heard of Bruckner but wouldn’t be able to identify a Bruckner piece. In the pre-show talk for the is weekend’s performance, Associate Conductor Gene Chang asked the group of 100 or so patrons if any of them had not ever heard the piece the orchestra was about to perform. For the few of us who raised our hands, he jokingly suggested we “run.” He explained that the piece would be challenging. Oh boy!

Well, it was long but didn’t feel like its 74 minute playing time. It was melodic and majestic. I loved it. And the reaction of the audience as we were leaving was energized. Bruckner. Who knew?

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra gathering and tuning for Bruckner’s 8th.

The Week in Food Cravings Part 1: There are a lot of restaurants downtown Cincinnati and in OTR and because I live down here and slut my tastebuds arounds, I have a lot of favorites. With so much variety, sometimes it takes me a bit to cycle back to my old buddies. This weekend I had a hankering for Krueger’s Veggie Burger. The thing about their veggie burger is that Krueger’s is essentially supposed to be a sausage restaurant. I’m sure they’re thrilled with how much I tout their non-sausage option. Anyway, craving satisfied.

Veggie burger, red due to the beets it’s made with. Delicious!

The Week in Food Cravings Part 2: I ate a lot of Ramen noodles in college and early in my adulthood but after a while I stopped. They seemed too cheap to eat, as if that was a thing. Then I walked into the Asian food section of the International grocery store Jungle Jim’s and I did not see the classic ramen that I thought was the only ramen in the world. Instead I saw hundreds of options. I tried some. They were kinda of great, and still cheap even though now I often add an egg or some leftover meat or veges.

At Findlay Market the Saigon Market carries several dozen options and I like to keep a couple in the pantry for a quick snack. The store has several that cost less than a dollar, but many cost around 2 bucks – those are bigger packs, though. The owner of the store says he has a problem snacking on them because once he has one pack, he immediately makes another, even big packs. I feel that way too, but I never thought about making a second pack. Like there was a rule that I could only eat one pack. There apparently isn’t a rule. I feel like he’s given me permission to eat.

Feeling like spicy chicken. The

The Week in Literary Surprises: Sometimes I start reading a book that I didn’t expect much out of and it blows me away. This week I randomly picked up the 2017 heist novel Blown by Mark Haskell Smith. It was funny, sexy, and morally ambiguous. A short, fun read that I’m glad to have found.

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