What I Learned This Week: #91

Monday, February 18 – Sunday, February 24

The Week in Movies 1 – Cold War: I was off work for President’s Day and, sadly for a day off work, the day was overcast and bleak. It seemed like a great time to head to the theater to see a Black and White, Polish love story set against the backdrop of Cold War politics, from which the movie gets its name. It was short and sad with great music, very similar to many of my days off work. The film is too short to dive into the politics or why the two main characters are so desperately attracted to one another. But it’s a pretty film and the music, oy oy oy!

Hot, political love on a bleak American day.

The Week in Movies 2 – Caupernaum: Friends on Tuesday were seeing the film elite’s audience favorite Caupernaum, a Lebaneses film about a young boy who runs away from his family and commits a crime. In jail, the boy sues his parents for bringing him into the world. The film is tough to watch but the performances are outstanding and the music haunting. The end scenes seem tagged on to appease a broader audience. It was odd that in a world where everything went wrong, the ending so glaringly bright.

The Week in Movies 3 – West Side Story: I didn’t actually see WSS this week, but as I sat down at Liberty’s to try their ginger beer cocktail special, I looked up at the TV and Doc was telling Tony that Maria was dead. OMG. I always cry at the end of WSS. Take me too Gino. Take me too.

Somewhere, someday, I won’t cry at the end of this movie.

The Week in Art: I went to see a dance program at the Contemporary Arts Center. Performed by 5 dancers and two musicians on the small, black box stage. It tells a story of how a society is created and bound by ritual. It’s meant to be deep and give the audience something to chew on. For such a physically small thing, it really did have a lot going on.

The Week in Maps: I took an Uber to Django Taco on Thursday. The driver was nice enough but a little slow on the upswing. When I heard the GPS saying the destination was on the right I looked up. The destination USED to be on the right. Still, I got out of the car – it was a nice night – and I walked up the street to the current, correct destination. #UberWalks

The Week in Magic Crackers: I can’t explain why it fascinates me when crackers stick together in the box. But it does.

It’s like a lottery ticket of crackers.

The Week in Bleak Out: So hey, it has been super bleak here, but walking through Fountain Square the ice rink is out which mean spring is near.

Ice, Ice go away.



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