What I Learned This Week: #92

Monday February 25 – Sunday, March 3

The Week in The Goat: The 27th annual Bock Fest, Cincinnati’s  festival celebrating beer and billy goats and the coming of spring kicked off the weekend with the Bock Fest parade. It’s probably the most organic and purely joyful parade of the year led by bagpipes and festooned throughout with Friars (some real, some just folks in costumes) riding Segways. There are plenty of Goats, and bock puns, too. It’s quick and funny and kicks off three days of activities.

The Week in Chili: Tuesday was National Chili Day and in Cincinnati the local chili parlors were busting out the doors celebrating. I almost missed my chance to eat a celebratory bowl of chili but I remembered Lucious Q would have chili. And they did. And it was delicious.

A couple of stories no pics:

The Week in Virtual Birthdays: My birthday was this week and I am a sucker for the love FB keys in. FB is a positive and negative force in our lives. When it’s bad, it is so very bad. But when it is good, it is joyous.

The Week in Youth: At the Apple store my young Tech enthusiastically said to me: “you’re so Gucci!” It seemed positive. But I was really unsure what she meant? Welp, when I got my phone back I googled the urban dictionary for Gucci where it is defined as “good, chill, good, or awesome.” I like it but I still had an elderly moment.

The Week in Bar Conversations 1: While waiting for my phone to be repaired, I stopped in the Cheesecake Factory Bar. [That is a sentence I never thought would pass my way.] The bar was the most corporate bar I’ve been in in a long while, but in the end, bars are bars. When friendly Jay sat by me on his break from the nursing home across the street, I turned off my Kindle and started chatting right back. He was drinking water and explained he was trying but not really succeeding to give up soda since he had just completed the Daniel Diet and wasn’t “supposed” to have been drinking soda. He did, but he didn’t want to. I learned both of sisters are nurses like him. And that his favorite snack is canned tuna, scooped up by Doritos Scoops and then drizzle with ranch. This is why bars make me happy.

The Week in Bar Conversations 2 – The Children’s Hour: While waiting for my movie I sat down at Los Potrillo’s bar for a quick dinner. A family with two small boys came in the restaurant and the oldest of the two, I’m guessing he was 6, wanted to watch the baseball game on TV in the bar. So the Dad picks up his kid and sets him on the seat next to me. The small 10 seat bar now had two people sitting there – me and this child. The bartender gave the kid a water in a styrofoam cup. I had a beer as big as the kids head (happy hour). So, I moved my chip basket over and asked if he liked baseball. He gave me a vigorous “yes” head shake. Then he held up a chip from the basket and proclaimed it the biggest he had ever seen. His Dad came to take him back to the table before I could share Jay’s tuna/Dorito/ranch recipe. Kid’s loss.

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