What I Learned This Week: #98

Monday, April 8 – Sunday, April 14

The Week in Death at the Movies: This week I saw the movie Diane, starring Mary Kay Place as an aging woman in a small town who dulls the pain of her past by maintaining constant motion helping others. This is very typical first film where there’s not really enough story to fill an hour and a half so there are lots of shots of Diane driving to and from her duties. Conversely, with Diane’s son being a drug addict, the film goes into territory it doesn’t effectively explore. The majority of the characters are elderly and are all dealing with their own aging and their own memories. Mary Kay Place and the other actors are really terrific. While parts of the story really don’t make sense (I had a particular hard time with the timeline) it’s a decent, personal movie filled with they type of characters who don’t often appear in movies en masse – old people. An in this film, a lot of them die off. Diane has one of the highest death counts I’ve ever seen for a non-violent film.


The Week in Not Feeling Like Death – Allegedly: I was drinking at a friend’s house and on the way in we stopped at their mailbox where they found their delivery of Morning Recovery, one of those Bro elixirs that you drink the night before to ward off, or at least lessen, the morning hangover. We all drank one. Cheers! The next day, I had the same type of hangover I always have (massive tired, no headache) but my friend called off work claiming to have out-paced the cure. So still, the only thing to prevent a hangover is to drink WAY less or don’t drink at all. Sorry science bros!

morning recovery
New expense, same hangover…no thank you!

The Week in Classic Recipes: This week a co-worker asked for my brownie recipe. I make good brownies because I have a 1985 Hershey Cocoa recipe that really works. I make this recipe so often, I leave it hanging on my fridge at all times – one never knows when you might have to whip up an emergency batch of brownies. Same apparently goes for Potato Kugel, Saturday Night Pancakes, and Peanut Butter Cookies which are the only other recipes of the hundreds I’ve collected and use, that always stay out. If you’ve known me for any length of time I may have prepared one of these for you.

The peanut butter, potato, pancake, and brownie diet is legit!


The Week in Performance Art: The Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center hosted their first ever performance art festival, This Time Tomorrow. Of course the CAC dabbles in one-off performances throughout the year with visiting artists and in their black box theater, but this was a 4-day event bringing big-city style performance art to the Midwest. I saw three shows and experienced discomfort and joy.  I found work that was both profound and silly. Watching performance art requires a level of participation, engagement, and understanding from the audience. And for me, a serious bourbon requirement.




Random Song of the Week (My attempt to try to catalog the variety songs I start humming or singing because they just appear in my brain):

Place: Throughout the day

Song: Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore (It caught my attention and it kept coming back to me all day)

Part that went through my head:

“Oh, it’s been such a long, long time
Looks like I’d get you off my mind
But I can’t
Just the thought of you (just the thought of you)
Turns my whole world misty blue (misty blue)”

Why: I heard it a Dean’s Mediterranean Food early in the day. It’s a great old-school jam that ear-wormed me throughout the day!


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