What I Learned This Week: #99

Monday, April 15 – Sunday, April 21

This Week in the Kardashians: First off, I can’t even believe I typed those words but…a new person in the gym turns on Keeping Up With the Kardashians while she is working out and that makes me a captive audience. I don’t follow the Kardashians. The sound is down so I can’t hear them and I don’t know what’s happening. It looks like a lot of intense listening, flashes of dramatic movement, and unbelievably clean houses. It also looks like a master class in how to manage eyebrows. I may be missing something.

I found this image on pinterest. Except for Kim and Khloe, I don’t know one Kardashian from another via eyebrow or face.

The Week in Mustangs: In 2015 the movie Mustang came out. It was a decent internationally produced, Turkish-set movie about 5 orphan girls making their way in a conservative society. This week I saw The Mustang, a 2019 film about a prisoner who finds redemption training horses in prison. I can’t wait to see what my next film called Mustang will be about.

The Mustang (2019) stars my Belgian crush Matthias Schoenaerts as a long-incarcerated killer who has a connection with a particularly difficult horse. There’s nothing new in this film where plot points are telegraphed miles away, but it’s well-acted and directed and the main characters, some based on real prisoners, are charming in their unique ways.

The Week in Book and a Beer: The beer is the Rhinegeist’s Truth. The book is Bad Ass Librarians of Timbuktu which I stopped reading because it’s more about Mali history and politics than librarians and books. Very disappointing. This beer…I finished!


The Week in Local Breweries – 16 Lots: Local breweries are everywhere, even in the far suburbs, like Mason. I stopped into 16 Lots to see my friend’s band the Artificial Hipsters – a terrible name until you realize it’s in honor of a former bandmate who had an artificial hip and passed away (not from the hip replacement). 16 Lots has decent beer, nothing exceptional but just good beer. I liked the Peach City beer and I tend not to like fruit beers. It’s not on their website so I can’t check out the details. They serve pizza by Mad Monk and it’s the same thin crust style pizza that a lot of breweries are passing off as the food option. It’s fine because there’s no such thing as bad pizza, but it’s not good.

16 Lots beer flight corresponding to the chalk board on the wall listing the brews. I could make a math lesson out of this!

The Week in English: A couple weeks ago I opened my Kindle to realize I’d downloaded the Italian version of Hotel New Hampshire. It was from the library so no financial hit, but I couldn’t read it. The Half-Price Books I went to this week had a cheap, English edition. I snapped it up. Viva la Irving.


The Week in Weak Drinks: People keep handing me LaCroix soda and I keep thinking I must not be in the mood for this, because it isn’t doing anything for me. I don’t love it or hate it, it’s just dull. Today I tried it again. Folks, La Croix is to soda as Zima is to beer.

Please make this fad go away.

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