What I Learned This Week: #100

Monday, April 22,  – Sunday, April 28


The Week in Round Numbers: Hey! I’ve done this 100 times. In a row. How about that!

The Week in Mixed Messages: This week at work the corporate masterminds included a bit in the monthly presentation about teamwork, framed with the words: “Enjoy the Journey Together.” Awe. Yes. And for the pictorial representation, they chose a celebrant on the top of a medal podium lording over the other participants. Nice.

Not the exact picture used in the presentation and also not a depiction of teamwork.

The Week in Food/Drink Ordering Efficiency: The Indian Mound Cafe in Norwood is a small, woman-owned, neighborhood bar. It’s my kind of place but well off my beaten path. On Tuesday, I needed a quick dinner and stopped in. A small crowd of regulars was gathering to watch the Reds game while I ate my simple grilled chicken sandwich dipped and Buffalo sauce as noted on the left side of a scratch pad that serves very well as a receipt book. On the left, every time I ordered a Sam Adams (SA) the bartender added a tick mark – 2 Sam Adams, not 11. Old school, but damned efficient!


The Week in Stretching the Food Dollar: Last week, Kroger had pineapples on sale for  88 cents. I saved the juice from coring the pineapple and was rewarded with a refreshingly fresh piña colada. Delicious.

The only time I drink rum at home is when pineapples are on sale and I have fresh juice. #frugal

The Week in True Love: On Saturday the Woodward Theater was hosting the wedding reception of Jake and Katie, as noted by an awkward watercolor of the couple posted in the theater window. Love means neither of them will ever mention this picture again.

So much love…and maybe a touch of regret

The Week in Deception: Not much makes me happier at a restaurant than ordering a sandwich without bread and still being served the bread. I just like giving the bread right back to the kitchen. No one cares, but it amuses me.


The Week in Sheet Pan Cooking: Sheet pan cooking is not trending in the Midwest. Whenever I mention it, no one knows what I’m talking about. But it’s a thing and I like the concept. It’s the whole meal often of separate components all cooking on one pan. It’s like a Bob Marley song of ingredients. One pan, one meal /Let’s cook together and feel all right.

sheet pan
A melange of colors on one pan – I know, the picture doesn’t exactly show the pan situation … work with me.



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