What I Learned This Week: #106

Monday, June 3 – Sunday, June 9

The Week in Years: I went to a 100 year Birthday party this week. Frank was born in 1920 as the Great Flu Epidemic was winding down. He served during WWII and survived all the greatness and tumultuousness since. He’s a bit hard of hearing and loves eating sweets. It was a great joy to share his birthday with him and his family.


The Week in Girl Power: At the Woodward Theater on Saturday, Lauren Ruth Ward opened for Donna Missal performing for a small, but seriously stoked and adoring crowd. They both sang (and bantered) beautifully about women’s empowerment. After the show, both of them hung around for an hour talking, hugging, and taking pictures with everyone who stayed. My friends brought me to the show (I’d vaguely heard of Missal, but not Ward) and I was super glad they did. I left as big fans of both.

The Week in Cincinnati Classics: Sorrento’s in Reading, is a classic Italian restaurant with very simple Italian food, minus pizza. It’s mostly known for the piano bar where a pianist plays and sings classic old time hits, often with patrons chiming in. I went there a lot growing up and was surprised to learn there was a Sorrento’s across town in Norwood, a classic Italian restaurant with a classic Mobster theme, and well-loved pizza on the menu. I believe Cincinnatians go to one OR the other restaurant, not both.

Well, Sorrento’s Norwood had been closed for a couple years due to fire, and upon their reopening this year, they have been advertising like crazy. I finally crossed town and went to their new outside bar/bocce ball area. I was there on a Tuesday so I didn’t get a complete feel for the place, but I liked it.

The Week in Crappy Beer: One of my friends loves putting crappy beer in my hands. He also likes putting fruity beer in my hands. He knows I drink non-crappy, no-fruit beer. On Saturday he thought I needed to be more Naturday, and suddenly a lemonade-strawberry Natural Light (Nati Lite) “beer” was in my hands. Shocking on so many levels. To my credit (and to the credit of my parents raising me), I said the words “thank you,” but I couldn’t do it with a straight face. Since it didn’t taste like beer, I drank about 3/4 before I realized what happened.

The Capri Sun of beer. 

The Week and Putting Off the End of the Weekend: I came back home from running a marathon of errands on Sunday evening and, I just missed Second Sunday on Main walking through as everyone was packing up. Second Sunday was supposed to be the event that closed out my weekend. Without it, I needed closure. I walked over to Low Spark for a Woodford Reserve (with ice back), trying to keep Monday out of my head for as long as possible!






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