What I Learned This Week: #108

Monday, June 17 – Sunday, June 23

The Week in Pride: Cincinnati is a fairly conservative Mid-western city, but (at least) downtown, Pride weekend is openly embraced and celebrated with a parade and festival at the riverfront. It’s fun to walk around town and see the flags, rainbows, and the word ‘love’ plastered on everything.



Pride! I’ll drink to that!

The Week in Cocktails – Part 1: Sundry and Vice in OTR makes great cocktails. The service is attentive and friendly and the bar staff is extremely knowledgeable. Their downfall is the time it takes to make those wonderful drinks makes for slow service. The best time to go is when they are moderately busy, which was the case this Saturday. I can’t remember the drink I ordered but it was anchored by grapefruit to give it a tart finish. My friend wanted the same drink but she’s allergic to grapefruit. The bartender did the same drink with orange.

Fancy drinks!

The Week in Cocktails – Part 2: At the Wodka bar I continued working my my way through their infusions. The cucumber and juniper is crazy refreshing and the Ukranian Spice paired well with their Old County charcuterie board. Plus, their drinks are highly photograph-able.


The Week in Dickens: This week I went to my bookshelf to pull down a copy of The Complete Works of Charles Dickens, Vol. III which I believe is part of a 6 volume set printed in 1870. I bought a ratty copy several years ago and had it rebound. I bought it for the Christmas Books which I really love. The volume also includes Nicholas Nickleby, Dombey and Son, and A Tale of Two Cities.

At home, I’m willing to curl up with the physically imposing book on my lap. But, wow, what a pain to carry around and read. Kindle to the rescue for remote reading.


The Week in Recognition: This week I was awarded my TJ Maxx store’s Associate of the Quarter. I’ve been working there, part time for 20 years (I can’t believe it either) and have never gotten this award for accomplishments, dedication, and commitment – an award that truly awards me continually showing up on Saturday mornings super hung over. Sadly for you all, I apparently gave the best service of my career during the first quarter of 2019. It’s all downhill from here. Sorry if you weren’t there in person. It was a stellar time!

The Week in Ghosting: One day at work I had a great work buddy, and the next day she stopped talking to me. I don’t know why. The modern term is “ghosting” where someone ceases communication without warning hoping the other person will “get the hint.” I got the hint, but wow, my feelings were really hurt. And then, since my feelings never get hurt (I’m very, very easy going) I freaked out because they were hurt. It took a couple days for it all to sink in. I’m very sad to lose this person as a friend because she’ll always be one of my favorite people on the planet. But what can ya do?

Well, I spent the latter part of the week hanging with true friends. We laughed. We talked. We bonded. That’s what it’s all about!

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