What I Learned This Week: #109

Monday, June 24 – Sunday, June 30


The Week in Art: This week I went to the Burning Man exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The exhibit features art from the annual Burning Man festival i California. That festival is a hippie’s dream, that, like many other hippie’s dreams, is now mostly accessible to well-off folks and, sadly, there are some hints that the festival workers are treated horribly. I mean, can’t anything be simple anymore?

Anyway, the art produced each year is truly astounding and some of it is on exhibit at the museum. There are some large format pieces that art goers walk into, and there are smaller light and film exhibits as well as paintings, photography and even jewelry made to wear at the festival.

It’s very cool and very modern. Some of the older patrons at the museum seemed confused by what they were seeing. That’s the part I liked – this very new sensibility sitting in the stately Art Museum. The museum doesn’t usually dedicate this much space to contemporary art (That’s the job of the Contemporary Arts Museum) and sometimes the new stuff seems uncomfortably squeezed in. Mostly though, it’s a delight.


The Week in Opa!: The Annual Panegyri Festival hosted by the Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Finneytown is one of the great food festivals of Cincinnati. Great gyros, moussaka, and Greek pizza, plenty of beer and wine and piles of homemade pastries. The dancing is festive and helps the crowd build up hunger and thirst for another round of food and drink. It’s a simple and damn near perfect festival. You go for an hour or so, get your fill, and go home.

The Week in Rob Lowe: This weekend I finished reading The Hotel New Hampshire (Thanks Guy for the recommendation!) and The Outsiders. It’s a Rob Lowe Retro Reading Weekend – And, if you get that reference, this post is one of those “You know you’re old if…” Stay gold, friends. Stay gold.


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