What I Learned This Week: #111 and #112…

…because I make the rules on the weekly post!

Monday, July 8  – Sunday July 14


Monday, July 15 – Sunday, July 21


The Week in Gardening: Yew Dell is an internationally recognized garden/event/education center just outside of Louisville. We went because it is marked on the highway by a brown sign, meaning “tourists, take note!” It’s a beautiful space with a super friendly staff. The fairy garden, put together with help from a local Girl Scout Troop is a delight.

The Week in Bourbon:  At a Kentucky Artisan Distillery tasting we were treated to a bit of Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon a bourbon that ages for three years on container ships that traverse the world crossing the equator several times. It’s the richest, most complex  bourbon I’ve ever had. It’s tough to find, but worth the $83-ish price tag if you do.

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Only a few barrels a time are available commercially.

The Week in Music – Part 1 Festival Style: Forecastle music festival on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville is a vibrant event. Music, activism, and bourbon, and Forecastle is a festival that’s proud of its local roots. Standouts for me this year included The Killers, Maggie Rogers, Chvrches, Dawes, Anderson.Paak, and the Teddy Abrams Louisville Orchestra (no kidding).

The Week in New Music – Part 2 – From the Ground Up: Meanwhile, in a little bar in Northside, my friend Yusef launched his new music project I think is called Quotah. He’s got like 6 songs and a lot of energy and heart. A fun, impressive show.


I mean, 6 feet away doesn’t always mean a clear picture.

The Week in Meat – Part 1 I Love Burgers: Burger Week in Cincinnati is a wildly popular event where participating restaurants agree to sell at least one burger for $5 – It’s a deal! People love deals! The four places I went to were extra busy. Yay burgers!

The Week in Meat – Part 2 Enough with the Burgers: After four burgers my digestive system didn’t seem to be in the mood to continue celebrating Burger Week. A cleansing grilled Romaine salad from Che hit the spot.


Random Song of the Week (My attempt to try to catalog the variety songs I start humming or singing because they just appear in my brain):

Place: On the drive to work

Song: Downtown by Petula Clark

Part that went through my head:

The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
So go downtown, things’ll be great when you’re
Downtown, no finer place for sure
Downtown everything’s waiting for you

Why: I heard the song I know a place by Petula Clark on the oldies station and as it started I thought it was Downtown. And then all I wanted was to hear Downtown. I played it at my desk and immediately went down a rabbit hold of girl singers from the early sixties.


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