What I Learned This Week: #113

Monday, July 22  – Sunday, July 28

The Week in Adult “Candy”:  One of the best things about Kentucky is their bourbon, and one of the best things about living close to Kentucky is immediate access to their bourbon. This is definitely the Golden Age of Bourbon with new distilleries popping up every couple of years with a healthy respect for tradition, but with an modern eye toward the future of Bourbon.

At the Prohibition Bar in Newport they proudly boast having “the largest collection of bourbon and rye whiskeys found anywhere in the world. Bar none.” And if you like bourbon even a little, their small, packed bourbon bar will make you swoon like a kid in a candy shop.

The Week in So Much Chicken: A friend of mine knows I have mad chicken cooking skills and she asked me to (and I agreed to) cook enough pulled chicken to serve 50-75 people. In the end, that will be about 20  chickens. That’s a lot of chicken. An onslaught of chicken for someone who cooks one chicken at a time. Digging in to the project, I started this week with 6 chickens at 5-ish pounds each. The Instant Pot and Penzeys BBQ 3000 are going to make me look like a hero.

And, because I’m frugal as eff, the bones and skins and gross parts that didn’t make it to the pulled chicken pile, made it to a stock pot where they got cooked again, this time as the base for a ground beef, roasted corn and zucchini soup. That is making the most of garbage! If I could turn the bones into jewelry, I would.


The Week in Locally Sourced: At Bouquet in Covington they make pretty much everything they can in house, and they locally source as much as possible. It’s an unassuming restaurant with delicious food.


The Week in Opera: One of my favorite operas is Porgy and Bess, a relatively new addition to the opera cannon, and one that is accessible to audiences who traditionally don’t like opera. It’s in English and features well-know songs like Summertime (and the Livin’ is Easy). Featuring a classic opera trope of a doomed love, and set against a poor black community’s attempt to live a decent life despite violence, drugs, and systemic racism the story almost seems modern. Some of the songs added to the Cincinnati Opera’s performance (The Buzzard Song, The Strawberry Song and The She Crab Song) are true to composer George Gershwin’s operatic vision, but they seem dated and added length to a long opera. The cast was just terrific. A great end to the 2019 Opera season.

Showtime and the livin’ is easy.

The Week in Nice: I ordered too much food on my way to the opera. I told the very nice bartender at Pontiac that I’m a very fancy lady which is why I’m going to the opera, but I’m a frugal lady as well and I asked if he would hold me food til after the show. He did. And he wrote my description on the box so it could be identified. #ReallyFancyLady

Really Fancy Lady


The Week in Mixed Media Art/Bad Manners: Coming up the garage stairs I saw a glob of what really appeared to be gum stuck to the banister. And, it was decorated with plastic google eyes and looked like someone had attempted to draw on a mouth and nose. I mean, sure it was funny, but it’s not great for the public health and someone has to clean that up. This person needs a new artistic outlet.

Sure, it’s cute, but c’mon people!




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