What I Learned This Week: #116

Monday, August 19 – Sunday, August 25

…A lot of activity this week goes in the negative column. I claim credit for two of the three noted here…

The Week in The Lost Weekend (Not my fault): I don’t get sick often, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be laid up, burnin’ up, but luckily not throwin’ up, on this very busy end of summer weekend. I spent Friday after work and all day Saturday suffering physically and socially. I had plan, dammit! My body didn’t even have the common courtesy to breakdown during the work week where I would have loved to kickin’ around in bed all day.

Anyway, it’s been so long since I had a real fever, I had to pull from my memory banks a correct course of action. Sadly, I always think of an old Odd Couple episode where Felix tells his daughter to wrap herself up snugly and blankets. Then I wake up, feverish and hungry and I can’t remember if it’s starve a fever feed a cold or vice versa. And suddenly I’m hot, hungry, and nostalgic.

It turned out, I was actually doing the right things (resting, hydrating, ibuprofen-ing, properly blanketing myself), but I had to go to to the internet to make sure. Thanks Dr. Google. All I needed was patience.

The Weekend in Lost Air (So, I’m new at this): Mayhaps I should have consulted Auto-Mechanic Google before I attempted to refill my tires that were at 33, 33, 33, and 32 pounds each. I should be at 35 each. So I headed to the free air pump at the tire store, set the pressure on the pump, hit all 4 tires, got intimidated by the line of cars behind me, and drove off smug as hell. My tires, as I pulled into traffic were 37, 28, 33 and 32 pounds each. I have a uniquely colored car and was too embarrassed to drive back for more air for several hours. I did better the second time.

tire gauge
Here’s a plug for free air at Bob Sumerel Tires. Super easy, for most people.

The Weekend in Lost Time (Yep, no excuse, total mental lapse): Ya know that feeling when you go to an appointment on the wrong day? It’s weirdly like getting slapped in the face. There’s no person ever who goes to an appointment on the wrong day (or the wrong time) who’s first thought isn’t “These people are idiots.” The bright shining light that, in fact, you are the idiot, does not go on the personal life highlight reel. And p.s. even though the nice ladies behind the desk started me off by gently reminding me that is was 8/22, not 8/23, I dated everything I did at work as 8/23. Gah!



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