What I Learned This Week: #119

Monday, September 9 – Sunday, September 15


The Week in Transition: Summer culturally ended last week on Labor Day and though it’s been in the 90’s here and humid, but brain started thinking about nesting. I didn’t just stay in, I cleaned things I don’t normally get to. I ordered more books from the library. There was a pot of chili. My play lists became less pop and more jazz. Subliminally, I’m ready for fall.

The Week in Late Summer Vegetables – Long Veges #1: The guy I refer to (in my head) as the hippie farmer at Findlay market has been bringing Long Beans for a week or so and this week I grabbed some to make a pork and long bean stir fry. Long beans, sometimes known as snake beans, are less sweet than green beans and have more of a bean/legume taste. They are great in stir frys and super fun to touch because they are springy and long. Plus they squeak a little when you stir fry them. I think I should be on the long bean marketing team.


The Week in Late Summer Vegetables – Long Veges #2: The long bean recipe called for green onions. I didn’t recognize them in the case because, interestingly enough, they were quite long. My ingredients had a very “kids book” feel to them this week.


The Week in Liver, Yep, Liver: I’m not sure why I have a soft spot in my heart for liver (and wow, the body organ references in this sentence are mind boggling). Liver and onions was a meal that came around every so often at my house for dinner in the 70’s. And weirdly, even as a kid, I liked it. Put Jewish chopped liver, or French liver pate in front of me and I’m in heaven. At Lake Nina today for lunch, my Mom and me decided to split the appetizer portion of their fried chicken livers: They come with a side of brown gravy. They were delicious and for an appetizer portion, both of us took several home for a snack later.

My Mom grabbed one before I could get a photo of the full plate. 


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