What I Learned This Week: #120

Monday, September 16 – Sunday, September 22

The Week in Dental Hygiene: I’m genetically wired to create tartar, hardened dental plaque on my teeth. I’m so good at it, I told my boss I felt like I was working twice as hard as every else because not only do I get work done, but I am simultaneously busy making tartar. He pretended I wasn’t talking.

Anyway, Tartar is a sauce, an acid, a river, a village, an ethnic group in Ukraine/Russia, and a way to prepare raw meat. Personally though, getting my 6 month buildup of tartar removed with an ultrasonic scaler, which seems like military grade machinery when the dental technician blows away chunks of soft bone. Afterwards though, I can suck air through my front bottom teeth, and that, my friends, is a highlight of the week. #OrthodontiaNerd

Dental tartar is gross. Enjoy this picture of cream of tartar, which you would add to egg whites as you where beating them to soft or hard peaks.


The Week in Knowing Random Shit: At work, my co-worker mentioned her maiden name, Scrivner, and said she didn’t know the origin. So I’m all like, scrivener’s were legal clerks in England. And, because I was on a roll, I suggested she read Herman Melville’s short story Bartleby the Scrivner. She didn’t quite believe me, but then she realized she was dealing with someone who just knows random shit.

Btw, the catch-phrase from the story is occurs when Bartleby’s boss asks him to do a task and Bartleby replied, “I prefer not to.” It’s been my favorite work fantasy for years.

Way, way, way shorter than Moby Dick!

The Week in the End of Summer: Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, is a 3 day celebration of Cincinnati’s German heritage. Every year the citizens are told it is the biggest Oktoberfest outside of Munich, and every year most of us just don’t think that’s true.

The festival is loaded with lots of  music (rock cover bands and polka bands from Germany) and chicken dances. There is a lot of beer, brats, metts, sauerkraut (on the meats, or breaded and fried), and schnitzel. Oh, and with the beer we “cheers” in German – Ein Prosit! – and it sounds quite European!

It’s the last big outdoor festival til Taste of Cincinnati next Memorial Day. Fare thee well summer.


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