What I Learned This Week: #121

Monday, September 23 – Sunday, September 29

The Week in Spoilt Food: Food prep on Sunday went very well. I made a bok choy/chicken/mushroom stir fry, and a sheet pan of cubed chicken, sweet potatoes, and red onions marinated in a honey chipolte sauce. Like I said, food prep went well…until it fell apart. When I woke up Monday morning my very first thought was, “Did I put my food in the fridge?”

I did not.

Both meals sat through the “cooling down enough to put in the fridge” followed by the “Zone of room temperature holding when you start to ask questions about whether or not to eat the food”, followed by “Too Late.” So I made 8 servings of e coli-laden garbage. On the silver lining side, I ate lunch out with a rotating cast of friends.

E coli special!

The Week in Jazz Legacies: My friend’s kid studies Jazz, and particularly Jazz Bass at the College Conservatory of Music, a department of the University of Cincinnati. His bass playing hero is the great Jaco Pastorius, who was murdered in 1987.  Jaco’s son Felix is also a bassist and he was in town this week with his band the Hipster Assassins.

They played at the historic Ludlow Garage, a venue that hosted many rock acts in the 1970’s, closed and became a series of restaurants, and has recently been re-established as a concert venue.

Cincinnati isn’t a big jazz town. It’s here, of course, but it hums in the background with a relatively small number of musicians playing out on a regular basis. Ludlow Garage, a small venue only sold 44 tickets, but that small crowd was very appreciative.

The Week in Bourbon Ordering Legacies: A wise bartender taught me that when I’m drinking better bourbon, I should order it “neat with ice back,” that is with a ice served in a separate glass from the bourbon. It’s smart. But sometimes I do like to order my bourbon on the rocks, mostly at the end of the night. This week, I ordered bourbon with one big cube…and I got the last big cube at the bar. The upshot is that my friend who ordered the same, ended up with bourbon neat with ice back, which he’d never had. And the knowledge was passed on!

The Week in Hair and Dining: As noted above, my weekly food prep failed and so I ate out extra. At the Pony, I sat next to this hair that was stuck to the bar. It freaked me out at first, but, you know, it’s hair, so it grew on me. #grandpajoke I hope to someday sit next to the head to whom this hair belongs so I can see it in its natural habitat.



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