What I Learned This Week #124

Monday, October  – Sunday, October 20

The Week in TV (…And by this I mean, old-timey, over the air Television, the kind your parents watched:) In my apartment I rarely turn on the TV. I like TV a lot and if you invite me to your place to watch TV I will be the best TV-watching guest of all time. That’s because, since I don’t watch anything, everything is new and wonderful to me.

Anyway, I do own a TV and it does have an Amazon Prime stick, but for regular TV channels, I get my shows through the air. And every now and then, I have to recscan the air to make sure I’m getting the most current signals. It’s probably the most scientific-sounding activity I do. This weekend I scanned the air with my TV and antenna and then watched part of the Ken Burns Country Music Documentary. That should do me for TV watching for a bit.

33 channels looks impressive but if you take out public broadcasting and religious programming, there’s not much left to watch. And that’s fine with me.

The Week in Taco Week: In the City’s never ending bid to drum up niche restaurant visits, this weeks brings Taco Week. The number of restaurants participating is small compared to Burger Week, but there are still plenty of tacos to be had.

I got the brisket tacos at the totally not taco joint Lucious Q and they were delicious. Oh, and all Taco Week Tacos are $2 which makes them a deal. But I eat at Lucious Q all the time and the idea of these food weeks is to get you to try something new. This brought me to the very small, strip-center located Horchata, in Blue Ash.

I’m going to start with the only negative…they don’t make their own chips. But, once I’d dipped those chips in the homemade salsa, I was very forgiving. They have several salsas to match their tacos, but the salsa served with the chips tasted habanero-based and was just on the verge of being too spicy to eat, but too deliciously spicy to stop eating. The verde salsa which came with my pork taco was another standout.

Horchata’s menu is small, essentially tacos and tamales and a few sides. The staff is friendly and joyous. Taco Week did it’s job and found me a new lunch restaurant.

The Week in “Fashion”: For years I have peppered my work wardrobe with what I call ugly shirts. They have weird patterns, mis-shaped animal-like prints, and are noticeable in an office of mono-chromatic clothes. I like to wear shirts like this at work in a passive-aggressive way, so I can watch people bend over backwards in their effort to be nice, and tell me, “No. That shirt is very cute.” As if I didn’t know.

Anyway, this week’s shirt is one of my new favorites. It looks like material from Grandma’s couch, or her curtains. And it’s a weird shade of green. And I love it. And, get this, no one has told me it’s ugly. They must love it too!

Check your grandma’s upholstered items, I’ve absconded with some material.

The Week in Work is a Many Splendored Thing, Mostly a Pain in the Ass: I’ve worked long enough to know that work is a marathon, not a sprint. There are good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes your co-workers inspire love and admiration, sometimes it’s hatred and a desire to throttle them. This past week wasn’t the worst, but things went wrong, people behaved badly, and workloads shifted in unforeseen ways. There was a lot of commiserating, and one thing that makes commiserating less painful is alcohol. Of course, we don’t have alcohol at work.

Well, last week we didn’t. Beginning next week we do. I don’t know if anyone will ever drink it, but it’ll make us feel better knowing its close at hand.

Work alcohol – the boss can’t smell Vodka, right!

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