What I Learned This Week: #127

Monday, November 4 – Sunday, November 10

The Week In Young Women in Rock: In a relatively low key week for me, I was glad to get out to the Woodward on Tuesday to see Sun June, Liza Ann, and headliner Lucy Dakus, put on a great night of indie rock music.

I was very interested in Liza Ann’s stage chatter, which sounded like inspirational quotes from a life coach-therapist. They were pretty good. Like this one (which I am paraphrasing): “We hurt each other and say we’re sorry. We humiliate ourselves and hope for forgiveness. We are growing as humans and it’s a gift.” And then she shredded her guitar for 3  minutes. Good stuff.

The Week in Out of Towners: Before my concert on Tuesday, I stopped into Arnold’s where the couple at the bar was in from Chicago to see the Tool show at the venue we still call the U.S. Bank arena, even though they don’t have naming rights. Anyway, a word about being an out of towner. Do it like this couple. Go someplace that is local. Talk to people around you. Compliment the city. Be inquisitive about it. Tell us a little about yourself because we’re glad you’re here. I  mean, I’m not officially an ambassador of the City, but I always act like one when folks show up from out of town. This couple made it easy.

The Week in Clean!: My apartment, in general, is mostly tidy. The dining room table is my arch nemesis of tidiness, is often pile with stuff I’m not dealing with. The term is “catch all” and if I can avoid something by setting it on the table, I will. The table and I reach a spiritual understanding that I will let it accumulate until I CANNOT STAND IT. Then I will put everything back in its proper place and we start from scratch with the lure of an empty table.

This weekend, more than the piled up table was on my mind. It was a mixture of nearing a breaking point on having to get my place in order and this weird spurt of energy that I felt I need to take advantage of. Boom!  I  went full speed ahead and cleaned the heck out of the entire apartment. I  mopped and wiped and organized my ass off. They place looks amazing.

I can’t wait to destroy it again.

The Week in Kitchen Gadgets: In training for the cooking Olympics known as Thanksgiving, I spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks researching mashed potatoes. Exciting stuff, right? Anyway, to boil the potatoes I cut them in larger chunks than I normally do, and I salted the water a little more. #CookingScience Then, I put the cooked potatoes through a food mill, the first time I have ever used this device. These are the best mashed potatoes I have ever made. I have a crush on the food mill and may not leave my house until Thanksgiving.


The Week in Slow Cooked Meat: Cassoulet is a classic, multi-meat French dish that, when made the traditional way, takes days. This weekend I am trying a scaled down, slow-cooker version of Cassoulet. It has duck, pork, and dried beans like the original, but comes together quickly and is cooking right now for another 3 hours or so.

Next week I may talk about how it turned out but tonight I want to talk about the recipe itself. The meat amounts are not based in reality. The recipe calls for 2 duck legs, 1/4 lb slab of bacon, 1 lb pork loin, and 4 sweet Italian sausages, about 3/4 pound.

  1. Pork loins in their smallest portion are 2 lbs-ish. What do I do with the rest of the long?
  2. I don’t know where this guy gets his Italian sausage, but 3/4 lb of Italian sausage for me is 2-3 pieces
  3. I about sent to butcher into a fit having him try to cut me a 1/4 lb slab of bacon.
  4. What a pleasant surprise to find a package of 2 duck legs. Who’d a thought?

I didn’t realize this until I started cooking. I have too much sausage, ended up tossing about 1/4 of the slab of bacon (the butcher gave me about 1/2 lb bacon!). Anyway, it’s a good thing I forgot to buy the pork loin because my crock pot is full.




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