What I Learned This Week: #130

Monday, November 25 – Sunday, December 1

The Week in Thanksgiving Cooking – Dry Coffee Cake:  For years I’ve turned to the  snappily named, and improperly punctuated “The Community Kitchens Complete Guide to Gourmet Coffee” to bake their recipe for what has come to be known, with great affection, as “the dry coffee cake.” It is my entry ticket to Thanksgiving dinner because it’s not really as dry as we make it out to be and it is just a great, old-fashioned spice cake. Too bad this year as I assembled the ingredient I realized I need to buy to buy more honey. Gahhhhh! I’ve made this cake 100 times. (Slaps forehead, turns off oven, runs to Kroger, and forges on…)

The Week in Thanksgiving Cooking – Rolls: For the last couple of years (since I forgot to order rolls until it was too late) I have turned to the King Arthur website for their Big Batch Dinner Rolls. I like the recipe because I can bake the rolls in the morning and then head to Thanksgiving Dinner. This year we decided to bake the rolls right before dinner instead of me baking them at my place. I shaped the dough at home and brought raw dough. I found out Yeast Anxiety is a thing. … And, the rolls were fine.

The Week in Thanksgiving Cooking – Potatoes: After Weeks of research, I decided to go with the food mill to process mashed potatoes. Oooo-weeeee, they were smooth and light and fluffy. I had to fight the shape of the mill which didn’t quite work with the bowl we were using. And I had to fight that during the peeling portion of the mashed potato show, I took quite a nick out of my pinkie. No blood in the potatoes (I’ve been to the cut-finger-rodeo before), but hurting myself in step one was a bummer.

The Week in Thanksgiving Cooking – Thawing Butter Like A Boss: The best part of living in the city is how there are so many great ways to spend time. Like the picture below looks like I’m out having a beer. Which is true, but mostly, I was using my time wisely while my butter for baking come to room temp back at home. That is gettin’ it done!

Thawing butter. Not seen, the butter at home on the kitchen counter.



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