What I Learned This Week: #131

Monday, December 2 – Sunday, December 8

Book and a Burrito: At my part-time job, the week after Christmas means the start of holiday hours. Longer hours means I can put more calories in my gullet. A Skyline burrito and a book provided a little quiet before the storm.

Book and a Burrito


The Week in Music – Part 1: At MOTR Hailey Knox played solo guitar to a small attentive crowd. Working her way through her own songs and a really great “Off the Rails” mashup of Black Sabbath’s Crazy Train and Beyonce’s Crazy in Love with some Black Beatles (by  Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane).

Hailey Knox


The Week in Music – Part 2: After Hailey Knox, the band Bailen hit the stage as the headliner. The band is made up of two fraternal twins and their younger sister. Their family familiarity creates rich harmonies and the Saturday night crowd settled into the mellow show very easily.



I was standing near some very drunk dudes though who for a few songs vocally wanted the band and the crowd to rock out. In particular Josh, who introduced himself to everyone within 10 feet of him, noting he was just a “fat boy from Alabama” really wanted to party. After a while though, he just kept asking all the other drunks what the name of the band was (I told him a couple times, btw, and the band name was on the drum set). And he kept saying to all of us that the band so “Really good.” Thanks, Josh.

The Week In Cocktails: At Japp’s in OTR, Molly Wellman, one of the country’s top bartenders, pours out her libations and her enthusiasm of cocktails and bar culture. She is the only bartender that I routinely let choose my drink because I definitely always want to try whatever cocktail is on her mind.

On Tuesday she was making what she called Maiden Voyage a drink I missed most of the description of, but caught that it was finished with a splash of champagne. It was delicious and refreshing, a little summery for a December night, but really nice.

Welp, I looked it up on the interwebs and Maiden Voyage the way she made it just wasn’t there. There was plenty of hits for Maiden Prayer some with gin and some with tequila. And this is why I drink what Molly’s making. Nobody else is making this drink that she unearthed in her cocktail research. It’s a great way to experience adult beverages.


As you can see, several people at the bar just went with Molly.


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