What I Learned This Week: #133

Monday, December 16 – Sunday, December 22

The Week in Bar Tending – Part 1: The good folks at Japp’s know I don’t like super sweet cocktails like the ones they are featuring for the holidays. One of their bar tenders, really mixologist, created me this spiced bourbon and wine spritz drink we’re calling Santa’s Holiday Spirit. It hit the spot.

Santa’s Holiday Spirit


The Week in Bar Tending – Part 2: When I grow up I want to be a bartender. Beginning this week, I am really paying attention to what the bartenders are doing. I’m taking notes and watching You Tube videos. I know several people who tend bar for a living and they are role models. They take the profession seriously and that’s what I want to do.What can I make for you today?

Not picture, Tanner, my bartender.

The Week in Bucket Lists: As I was sitting down to dinner at Arnold’s this week, the man next to me was cashing out. I made some simple small talk as I was taking off my coat and settling in, asking him if he had plans for the holidays.

He told me he was going NYC to watch the ball drop because that was on his bucket list. I asked how it got on the list. He said, last New Year’s, ringing in 2019, he was watching the ball drop at home with his family like he does every year when he decided he wanted to do it in person. He wanted to put it on his bucket list. And they he immediately thought this was a pretty easy thing. So, a few minutes into 2019, he picked up his phone and booked a hotel for New Year’s Eve to ring in 2020. Amazing!



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