What I Learned This Week: #134

Monday, December 23 – Sunday, December 29


The Week in Movies, Role Models, and Heartthrobs: I just saw Greta Gerwig’s Little Women which is fantastic. This version updates Jo March ever so much as to be a relevant role model for young modern women. Two things. First, I only read the book for the first time a few years ago. Reading it as an adult I could not wait for Beth to die. She lingered on forever. In the movie, though, Beth’s death gutted me. The Kleenex were flying! And second, if I was a teenage girl and Timothée Chalamet was on screen, I would also be gutted. As a responsible adult, though, I tried to remain calm.

I mean, look at him!


The Week in Brand New Restaurants: On Saturday I ate dinner with a group of friends at Pepp & Delores, a new Italian restaurant on Vine Street in OTR. The food was delicious and the service outstanding as they have built a very welcoming restaurant with a vibe of very attentive hosts who want to give each guest a memorable experience.

The place is only 2 weeks old and they do have some kinks to work out. I’m fascinated that they got the hard parts of a restaurant down which is food, service, and a clear mission. It’s weird that the music they played was all over the board from Led Zeppelin to Herb Alpert. Their red wine was over-chilled and they don’t yet have dessert. If these are the details holding Pepp and Delores back, they are definitely going to be able to fix them and become a truly outstanding restaurant.

Open…and soon to be awesome!

The Week in Still Bringin’ It: On my way back from dinner I stopped into MOTR to see who was playing. I just got in at the beginning of Abiyah’s set. She has been an influential Cincinnati performer for years and sings/raps relevant and amazing music with authority and emotion. Always a joy to watch.

Abiyah…gettin’ it done!


The Week in Signs: I saw two signs this week that caught my eye. The first “written” by a dog, or I don’t know a focus group of dogs, to their “hooman” counterparts begging them to pick up the dog poop. Appealing the owner’s infantile side? How does this sign work?

And at the AMC Theater, apparently they are out of bottled water and pretzels often enough that they have created a very nice sign to tell people about their inventory woes. I’m thinking buy more or take ’em off the menu and quit calling attention to it.


Book and a Wine – Final Book of 2019: Here’s book #43 for 2019 and a wine – Delinquete “Screaming Betty” Vermentino. It was a good year for reading and for wine.

Everything in place for a few moments of reading.



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