What I Learned This Week: #137

Monday, January 13 – Sunday, January 19

The Week in Dry January, Volume 1: Happy hour was a little more fruity and a lot less bourbon-y at Igby’s.

Essentially pineapple juice. Cheap evening, though!

The Week in Dry January, Volume 2: Brunch is the easiest meal to cut out alcohol. At Che, I got a spicy (and maybe too chunky) Virgin Bloody Mary. Lunch, ironically, was Adios Resaca. Goodbye hangover, indeed.

A virgin bloody Mary still looks legit!

The Week in Dry January, Volume 3: The Tuesday burger special is a deal at Brew Dog they have three non-alcoholic “bears”. I went with the delicious Non alcoholic sour. Also, they refill the NA drinks for free. Almost makes me want to stop drinking beyond January. … nope. Nevermind. I’ve come back to my senses.

Sour beer, cheesy burger!

The Week in Dry January, Volume 4: I really do want a drink. LOL!

The Week in Culture: A little culture this evening kicking off the 2020 Fotofocus festival. I thinks it’s a festival. Maybe it’s a celebration. Or an event. I’ll keep you posted.

The feature was Agnes Varda’s final film, Varda by Agnes a retrospective of her career and her artistic mantra: Inspiration, creation, sharing! Every time I see her, I am wowed. She is an amazing woman and artist.

I especially love how much she loves people and how that comes through in her work. Her images of people going about their business are thought-provoking and breath-taking. She says “If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes.” I know she is referring to visual elements, but I know in my life every person I meet is a potential landscape. So many people and so little time means many “landscapes” are reduced to postcards, but many of you, those I’m happy to call my friends, are worth a long hike. This metaphor needs work, but I think you get my drift.

Take a moment to explore the landscape of the people around you. Not all of it will be sunshine and unicorns, but it will be real, and you will be rewarded for the time you spent.

The Week in People Are Fabulous: Late Saturday night,  I was trip 28 on my Uber driver’s goal of 30 trips. He said he was working extra trips so he could spend more time on Sunday with his newborn daughter.

Earlier in the evening he had taken a break in his busy shift to listen to karaoke at Tostado’s and said he heard the worst karaoke version of any song, ever and it made him worry about the quality of karaoke in Cincinnati. I told him to check out Karaoke Fantastic!!! and then, I kid you not, he sang me a song for me to decide if he had the chops to perform. Of course he did! I didn’t know the song, but it was an awesome R&B bonus to end my night. #fivedollartip #peoplearegood


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