What I Learned This Week: #142

Monday, February 17 – Sunday, February 23


Monday, February 24 – Sunday, March 1

It’s a two-fer. There’s a bit later in this post about quitting my job.  For me, the two week’s notice felt like everything I did happened in one, long, exhausting week and that’s how I’ve represented it here.

First…the Food

Food Number One – The Week in What’s in Your Pita: My quick-fix dinner pick up at Marrakech Morrocan Cafe & Grill turned into a sandwich revelation. They take dolmas (rice wrapped into the shape of a small cigar with grape leaves) and stuff them into a pita with tzatziki sauce and chopped tomatoes and onions. Essentially, it’s a gryo with dolmas instead of gyro meat. This seriously made me happy.

Menu and ambiance at Marrakech Morrocan

Food Number Two – The Week in Don’t be Afraid of Vegan Food: Oh hey, looking to dip your toes in vegan eating? The chickpea curry special at Longfellow is a great start.


And Finally, Food Number Three – The Week in Neighborhood Diners: I had an event to got to in Dayton and decided to grab breakfast near the venue. Going in blindly and just driving till I found something open. I happened upon Grandma’s II on Main. Small, and pretty run down, every seat was taken and carry out orders were on 20-30 minute waits. I had a fried egg and bacon sandwich on wheat for $4.85. They threw in a bag of chips (didn’t ask me what flavor chips I wanted just threw in the cheddar Ruffles).

When I walked in and almost the entire time I was waiting on my order, there was a booth with breakfast for two laid out on the table. No one was sitting at the table, though. Turns out, they went outside. Said they were coming back. The staff was getting nervous for the unpaid food and table they couldn’t turn. The diners eventually came back. And the staff posted a new rule on the wall in red marker: If you’re going to leave the restaurant anytime before you get your food, you must pay first.” That seems effective!

The Week in Cincinnati Beer Traditions: Bockfest, Cincinnati’s annual celebration of  bock beer (the tradition spring beer served in monasteries as the long, lean winter came to a close) and, therefore, also celebrating the near arrival of Spring, is a weekend of lighthearted debauchery, weirdness, and a dose of Cincinnati’s brewing history. The parade officially kicks of a weekend packed with activities. Even in this election year where a lot of politicians added a lot of boring, the parade was a delight.

Uh, Bonus…Food Number Four – Beer Choices: Even at Mr. Pitifuls, a bar not known for its beer selection, the there are bock beer choices.

Bartender’s Bockfest crib notes!

The Week in A Life Well- Lived: I went to a memorial service for my friend’s father this week. The best memorial services allow both sadness and joy to intermix as people, often strangers to one another, share stories. It’s a room of love, and giving, and caring. My friend’s father John was a successful father and a successful businessman. He fished, loved Nascar, read everything, mentored many, and tried to do the right thing at every turn. He was an impressive and good man. Sharing memories of John in a room full of people who loved him was a proper send off.

The Week in I Did Not See That Coming – Political Edition: I grabbed a beer after work with a coworker at a local restaurant across the street from our office. At some point, one of the restaurant workers there who we knew came up to us and pointed out that the restaurant was swarming with Secret Service. Sure as shit, I looked up and there were several black-blazered, ear-piece wearing individuals. Turns out, Laura Trump (Eric’s wife) was about to enter the restaurant.

I had been wondering why the table of people at the table near the door were all so duded-up in Trump branded clothing. It all came clear as she walked in, bee-lined to that table and spent a few moments taking pictures and glad-handing. She did a loop around the bar stopping at maybe 1/2 dozen tables. She hit the bathroom, and vanished.

My upshot, it’s the closest to a Trump rally I’ll ever experience and, man, the Secret Service is intimidating.

The Week in I Did Not See That Coming – Work Edition: In mid-February, the management team at work created a totally new scope of work for my team. Nothing makes me happier at work than people who don’t understand a process, taking control of said process and changing it without any input from the people who actually do the work. I can imagine how proud they were that they “fixed” everything.

For my part, the person who had to carry out the fix, I decided I didn’t like what was going to be in store for me. I even told my manager I didn’t think I’d be great at one of the main pieces, my manager said that it didn’t matter. Just waved me off and said I’d be good enough.

Well, it matters to me.

I put in my two weeks notice.

The Two Weeks of Being a Short Timer: Quitting/leaving a job even under the best of circumstances is a big, damn, emotional deal. Here are some thoughts:

* Fact: When you’re in your final two weeks of work, much like breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, every song on the radio is about how you feel. #ShortTimer – #HateYouToLoveMe #TruthHurts #SomeoneYouUsedtoLove #BadGuy

* As I thought about transitioning careers, I thought I’d like to find a job that made me tired because of the work, not from the 8 hour effort of keeping my soul and spirit from being sucked out of my body.

* Like a lot of folks leaving a job, I want to rail against the system. Of course, “don’t burn bridges”…”be an adult”, blah, blah, blah. But I do have a small subversive streak. It’s really harmless. (Think Hawkeye Pierce from MASH.) And truly, sigh, I didn’t wish anyone at work ill will.

So…one day in the last week, I didn’t take a shower and I didn’t wear a bra. It was more liberating than revolutionary, but it was my personal statement. Also, in my head I was standing on the barricades singing protest songs. And, since it’s my fantasy, I was wearing a jaunty scarf and a red beret…still unshowered, though!




One thought on “What I Learned This Week: #142

  1. I always enjoy reading and before that, hearing your quick wit. I will now mark this page to come back often. I have also had run-ins with the general manager of a place (Kroger manufacturing) and have lived to tell the tale again and again. I was thrown under the bus in front of her boss one time when by the direction of herself, our facility went down the wrong path.

    Being the professional that I am, I did not correct her during that presentation to the VP but waited till after the meeting to see her in her office and discuss. She denied telling me the instructions for the focus groups during a staff meeting. I told her to ask “anyone” that was in the staff meeting since they all know what she instructed. I asked her to clarify at the time since I was for sure this was not the correct path to be on. She clarified and I thus went ahead and did what she asked of me.

    Not knowing all the details of why you left, I feel your pain anyway. I am sure you did the right thing and will be better off for it. It may be in the long run, but I believe in you.
    Good Luck

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