Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #5

The Big Quarantine – March 21, 2020

The Day in Old-Timey Life – Part 1: When is the last time you posted a letter? When was the last time you heard the term “post a letter?”

Do you remember your elementary school history when your history teacher mentioned Benjamin Franklin was appointed the country’s first Post Master General in 1775? How do you think we got all those letters that they sing in the Broadway musical 1776? Or the Marvelettes begging for letters in 1961?

Letter writing is a thing, not a big or popular thing, but a (possible) thing. I’m telling you this because for the first time since post-summer camp 1976 when some super important bunk mate sent me a pen pal letter*, I received a handwritten letter. It was from my friend’s teenager and clearly a bi-product of being cooped up with the Covid. But man, was it ever great. I teared up. And I will respond.

*I may or may not have responded to the camp letter. I can’t remember. I also can’t remember this super important bunk mate’s name.

I hung my first letter in over 30 years with my most important papers…on the fridge!

The Day in Old-Timey Life – Part 2 : The first of my two jigsaw puzzles I ordered showed up today. Like they dropped carrots to starving animals in Australia after the forest fires, the puzzle delivery may have saved my life.

Puzzle enthusiasts, Dissectologists, are a funny breed. We each have our own idiosyncrasies. (Do you look at the picture while you assemble the puzzle? Do you lay out all the pieces? Do you do the frame first?) At my job they sometimes put a large jigsaw puzzle in the common area. Holy cow. What a great way to learn about your coworkers’ brains.

Like letter writing, it looks like I’m doing a brief visit to 18th century history. The invention of the jigsaw puzzle can be traced to 1766 when John Spilsbury took a picture of a map of the world and cut out each country to create a puzzle. It was purely educational. The term Dissectologist is derived from the original name of a jigsaw puzzle, a dissected map.

And for those of you doing puzzle at home (and this is a rare moment in history when I feel like it’s a large percentage of you), consider joining the The BCD, or Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists which is a real thing.

Meanwhile, I’m benevolently drinking my was through my first 1000 piece Covid Era puzzle. Frame first. Then sky and unusual clusters of colors. Then straight lines. All the pieces are facing up. Of course, this is the only proper way to do a jigsaw puzzle. LOL!

The most welcomed jigsaw puzzle of all time!!

The Day in Distracted: Usually when I’m home, I can sit and read and read and read. The last few days I have found it tough to really concentrate for long periods of time. I am assuming my brain is working over time and maybe doing important work in the back ground while I casually try to kill 18 waking hours and not eat all the snacks.

The Day in You say Quiche I say Frittata: I love quiche. Which is to say, I love a combo of cheese, meat, and/or veges held together by an eggy custard and baked into a pastry crust. There is nothing not to like. But usually when I cook this combo at home I forego the crust and bake everything directly into the pie plate. That my friends is a frittata. And keeping with the theme of not trying to gain 400 pounds during the Big Q, crustless could equal gutless. I mean, it would have if I hadn’t added extra bacon. #StressEating

Quiche…I mean Frittata!

The Day Listen to Fauci – Part 1: It goes without saying that I’ve been home-home (inside my apartment) more hours a day than ever. The building, over 100 units has been quiet. It’s usually quiet, so I’m thankful that bit of normalcy has held. So far no one is dealing with the Big Q by throwing a personal rave…which sounds excellent, actually.

In normal times, every now and then I will hear my nearest neighbor heavily working her way into her apartment (her door is opposite mine). The culprit of her struggle is always that she’s just lugged a huge container of cat litter up the stairs. If I’m standing in my kitchen (which is 3 feet from my apartment door) I will occasionally pop my head out and say Hi. These brief check in convo’s and nice, because she is my closest living human. You cannot take that for granted.

Today, I heard her with the cart and (I assume) cat litter. It triggered my social instinct. “People!” my brain shouted. “Remain seated,” my inner Fauci shouted. I wasn’t near my door, but the amount of concentration I needed to stay on the couch and not get up to open my door was tremendous. Whew!

The Day Listen to Fauci – Part 2: When I went to drop my trash into the dumpster I passed by two neighbors. “People!” my brain shouted. “Back off,” my inner Fauci shouted. I greeted them from an appropriate distance: “Hello neighbors…and humans. Happy to see you.” They laughed. I laughed. We were happy to see each other!

The Day in Miniatures: I hope everyone is having as much fun as these medieval soldiers taking a joy ride in a fire truck!


I’ve been ending my posts with CDC Covid 19 statistics. Those will update again on Monday, March 23 at noon. I expect those numbers to be grim.
CDC Statistics.
March 20, 2020
COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance*
  • Total cases: 15,219 (Yesterday = 10,442)
  • Total deaths: 201 (Yesterday = 150

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  1. I love reading your blog, Alana. It’s totally entertaining. You certainly have a talent for making the ordinary extraordinary. Keep writing,and I’ll keep reading.

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