Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #35

The Big Quarantine: Sadness and hope/Science and Faith/All the emotions

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Day in Hold On a Minute: I woke up psyched today because today was scheduled to be my Mom’s every 10-day provision stock up. She must have felt the same way because when I called her this morning she had quite a list…not of groceries, but of stops for me to make.

The one thing I’ve learned about Covid errands is I don’t want to be out of my apartment for too long. It makes me antsy and unexpectedly tired. After a few 24/7 days in my small place, a walk across the Kroger parking lot, then all the way through store, and then all the way back to my car makes me realize how little activity I’m really doing. Of course the mental strain of  “did I or did I not contract Covid” is like a dark and weary cloud at every turn.

We agreed she had given me two days worth of Covid Era errands and I started working on those today for delivery tomorrow.

The best part of my Mom’s planning process is how it takes her a while to get it together. Her initial grocery list this morning was mostly odds and ends like over the counter medicine and cleaner that she doesn’t NEED, but is feeling she’s should keep her supply in order. Fair enough. She did have three food items on this list: one tomato, one potato and 1/2 pound of Boar’s Head Salami.  I was like, “that’s it? That’s 10 days worth of food for you?” “Well I just don’t have an appetite,” she said. No amount of prodding could get her to add more food items.

Then she called me about 4 hours later, and gave me a proper week’s list with food on it. I knew she’d come around. My planning chops are clearly a learned, not genetic trait.

The Day in Old-Timey Food: I got a hankering for some Cowboy Beans and Corn Bread. If you want to call up a picture of the old West, you could not pick a better starting place than cowboys sitting around a campfire eatin’ beans. I cannot tell you why I’m craving them, but maybe I got sick of staring down the pack of pinto beans I bought when the confinement started.

My plan was to eat bean and corn bread for dinner tonight.

Instead, I’ve been screwing around in the kitchen for literally 4 hours and I’m not very far along in the process. But, do I really have to be?

Here’s the cornbread. It looks fine and I can tell it didn’t stick. It also didn’t rise as much as it should have. It’s delicious, but very, very crisp. Ugh.

corn bread
Not rising to the occasion.

While I was on a Zoom Happy Hour I cooked up some bacon and strained the fat to use to saute onions. I’ve blackened and peeled some peppers. That’s four hours and I’ve processed two ingredients and made some meh corn bread.

But, the beans are soaked and ready. I have every thing I need on the counter. I’m looking right at everything right now. Once I start cooking, and I will start any minute now, the bean dish is going to take about an hour or so.

My point is, the meal is going to be cooked before I go to bed, but I’m having Ramen for dinner tonight and beans tomorrow. That’s the way time is during confinement. What ever happens, happens when it happens.


I buy this fancy imported ramen for $1.39 from the Asian market at Findlay Market. I literally have no idea what I’m dealing with until I start eating.

In the meantime:


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