Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #37

The Big Quarantine – Wednesday, April 22, 2020


The Day in Peanuts: One snack I reach for in the spring is roasted in the shell peanuts. Kroger’s peanuts are almost always on sale for a buck a bag, and they are fine for a spring peanut fix. Snobbily I will tell you I will pay more for peanuts that are less dusty and a little more uniform in flavor, but for a buck, these are my White Castle Sliders when I can’t get a fancy burger.

I’m intrigued by packages for basic products that insist on pushing me, or pleading with me, to really love them. I don’t need a lot of information about what a peanut is or how to enjoy them. In fact, the bag doesn’t mention how to eat peanuts. You would think if a peanut bag had words, it would be useful to include the bit about not eating the shell. Pity the fool who doesn’t know how to eat peanuts. This bag is no help.

The package is helpful in telling me where I should partake in their product and promoting the peanut eatin’ lifestyle. In case I didn’t know, they’ve got two very different ideas for that.

First, on the back of the bag, in all caps the marketing teams wants me to know I’ve got a family snack on my hands:


The front of the bag is a bit wilder letting me know roasted peanuts have some adult potential:


Obviously their heart wasn’t in the bar stools recommendation or they would have spelled it correctly. Anyway, next time the whole family is at the bar, we’ll be eating these bipolar nuts.

More typically on the misinformation front is the artist rendered peanuts versus real life peanuts.  The peanuts represented in picture on the bag look like celebrities on a red carpet but when you take a look at a real nut it looks more like  “stars…they’re just like us” on an unkempt Starbucks run.

Stars in real life, just as delicious, just not dolled up.
cartoon peanuts
In case you were thinking the other Peanuts. (Photo from Wikipedia)

The Day in Peanut Music: Just listen to Stan Kenton’s The Peanut Vendor from 1956.

The Day in Computer Help for Mom (I’m Sure Part 1): Yesterday I went and bought a new computer mouse for my Mom, because she said hers stopped working. Today she called and decided it wasn’t the mouse because the screen said “No Internet.” Yep, that is two separate issues! If I could have gone in her house yesterday, I would have seen this. Stupid Covid!

After a lengthy bit of over-the-phone network support with her today I figured the computer can see her wi-fi network, but it isn’t connecting. I’m sure it’s a pretty simple fix, but I’ll have to see it. My guess is she’s going to play around with the computer tonight which could go either way – meaning she’ll fix it or make it worse. It’s looking like, I’m going to have to glove up an work on her computer in the garage. That’s how Bill Gates got started, right?

The Day in Music Regret: I realized I mentioned the Louis Jordan song Beans and Cornbread yesterday but did not attach a link. You can click the link in the preceding sentence, or if you’re a purist and you want to relive Post #36 my egregious error has been corrected. And while I’m adding Louis Jordan links, give a listen to his classic song What’s the Use in Getting Sober. I’m dedicating this golden oldie to all the folks drinkin’ at home.

The Day in Grocery Regret: Yesterday at the store blueberries were on sale. I decided I didn’t need blueberries. Today all I can think about is blueberry corn muffins. In normal times, I would run by the store to today and grab some blueberries. In Pandemic times, I gonna skip the muffins and listen to Fats Domino sing I Found My Thrill (on Blueberry Hill).


One thought on “Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #37

  1. Hope your Mom’s computer issues are an easy fix. I have to confess I read “Louis Jordan” too quickly and thought it said “Louis Jourdan” (you know, the French actor, from Gigi?) and I was very confused that he would be singing about cornbread and wondering why to stay sober! 🙂 Glad I reread it! All is well with me now. 🤣 I’m enjoying your blog!

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