Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #38

The Big Quarantine – Thursday, April 23, 2020


The Day in Computer Help for Mom (The Thrilling Conclusion): Yesterday, after figuring out what was happening with my Mom’s computer, we decided I needed to fix it in person. Heavy sigh! In Covid world, I can’t just pop into Mom’s house to help her out. This morning I called with very specific instructions for how the visit was going to go including, “You are not to come down the stairs.” Try saying that with warmth and affection.

Anyway, I gloved up and wore a mask and pulled into the garage. Her internet just needed reset. Mom has made a lot of progress in her computer abilities, but rebooting the internet hasn’t been one of our training topics. She is back on line and probably playing Scrabble Blast as we speak. All is right in her portion of the world!

Suiting up to see Mom, as you do.

The Day in Care-Taking: For those in remote care-taking roles, these are tough times. My Mom is perfectly capable of living on her own, but the thing with elderly people is you have to watch them. It is possible that she is heading to a time when she is not capable of living on her own.  That shift may come slowly or suddenly so monitoring her and her living space is key. I don’t have to be all up in her space, but I haven’t been inside her house in 6 weeks. She’s as ornery as ever though and I’ll have to take that as a good sign.

The Day in Small Business Love – Part 1: On my way to my Mom’s I stopped by North College Hill Coffee Company, one of the most enthusiastic and community active small businesses I know. In normal times they operate as both a coffee shop with pastries and light meals on one side of the space and as a gift shop full of unique items on the other. (If you need a jigsaw puzzle, they have Charlie Harper puzzles in stock!) I  stopped in because their weekly email said they had face masks and I wanted to buy local. I got Mom a mask, even though she’s not going anywhere. Everybody needs a mask or two for the near future. Next up, I can hear Mom’s opinion of the face mask. That will be fun.

While I was there I also bought Mom a scone and the daily special Mexican Cornbread, plus a cup of coffee for myself.  The owner was doing the food prep and came out to personally thank me for shopping. When did buying a scone get so emotional?

The Day in Small Business Love – Part 2: Corkopolis is a small wine bar downtown, a quiet spot that I don’t usually go to because the “dirty”* bar on the next block usually beckons. But I do have a soft spot for my neighbors. Today they offered to provide free delivery of wine to my apartment building with the tagline “We’re here for you and we’ve got wine to share.” I jumped right on it in case they changed their mind. The rustlin’ I heard outside my door wasn’t a lost zombie…or a cowboy (that’s a Old West cattle rustling reference, my friends) but the delivery of this weekend’s bottle of red! Gosh this whole thing makes me happy on this otherwise dreary day. When did buying wine get so giddy?

*Dirty Bar – a low-key, very casual lounge/bar, often not well lit and often with cheaper prices than fancier places, also my favorite places to drink!

Banshee Delivery
Ready to drink like a banshee

The Day in Nostalgia: As much as I love all music, I don’t need to have the music of my teenage and college days continue to be my soundtrack. Decades have passed. New music has been made. It is rare for me to turn on a classic rock station because those songs are played everywhere I go. Do I ever need to specifically tune in to a station to hear Bohemian Rhapsody? No. I’ll probably hear it playing randomly in a store or on TV within the next 48 hours, anyway. Driving to my Mom’s today I felt the tug of nostalgia when I tuned to the station playing Night Moves by Bob Seger – I remember, I remember. I stayed around to listen to Jimi Hendrix’s Fire and for the first time in years, I made it through about 45 seconds of Free Bird before turning it off. I’m mellowing as I age.

The Day in Looking Forward: A friend of mine is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). About 10 of his students handed in their Capstone projects today but they will not be able to walk in a graduation ceremony. My friend put together a surprise virtual graduation for them this afternoon inviting a few random folks like myself to wish the new grads well. It was super sweet! Glad to let them know people are rooting for their success.


Speaking of sweetness, thanks to everyone who spends a few minutes here on the blog. If you’re here you are one of my people and I appreciate you. Love to you all and peace to you all!



4 thoughts on “Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #38

  1. That’s awesome you were able to get your Mom back online! I know she appreciates having the ‘net. Love your mask and your shopping local stories! I’m doing what I can to shop local here in Lebanon too.

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