Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #43

The Big Quarantine – Tuesday, April 29, 2020

The Day in Career Choices: I had my first job interview via Skype (on my phone) today and it took me a minute to wrap my head around it.

The first and biggest question was what to wear to a Skype job interview during a pandemic. I believed that I would wear a different outfit if this interview was taking place four months ago than what I was going to wear today. I also know that no matter what crisis is happening, first impressions have to be managed and adjusted. I want to look professional, but not over-the-top professional, heading for something along the lines of pandemic-aware fashion.

I stood in front of my work clothes, a place I haven’t stood in weeks. I took a deep breath and got down to choosing. Even though the interview was virtual, it’s seemed right to take the warm spring weather into consideration. I have some great cool-weather tops, but it’s 65 degrees and sunny. Would it look stupid to wear that to an interview today? I decided it would. My closet is full of great shirts to wear to work after I’ve been hired but only a few that make the cut as a shirt that will get me hired. I have a brown shirt that would have fit today’s needs. It has a nice cut and looks like money. Luckily I tested in selfie mode before the interview began because it’s also about the same color as my couch. It looked stupid. I tried again.

At the appointed time I sat down with my hopefully lucky shirt. My hair was combed but shaggy – I think that’s a national phenomenon. At the last minute I remembered to put on my work glasses instead of my bum-around glasses. I’m also lucky in the age of virtual conversations to have full bookshelves as my background. It looks very sophisticated, like I’ve got a PBS interview next on my schedule.

And, you might ask,  how’d the interview go? Anybody’s guess, right?!? I was the first of several interviews they will conduct over the next several days. Apparently the last person in this position was not up to snuff so they don’t want to get burnt again. This is the part of the interview where I want to say, “But baby, I’ll never do you wrong!” Don’t worry, I just think it.

My shirt turned out to be a similar style to the one the interviewer was wearing and, in discussing how I like to organize things I mentioned important information should always be “at your fingertips.” She took a deep breath, which caused me to pause, and she said, “that’s one of my pet phrases.” Welp, I hope that sticks in her memory as she interviews these other yahoos!

Does this look like a face that would let you down?

The Day in DIY Phone Stands: I’ve done Skype and Zoom meetings on a computer, but never on my phone. Yes, I’ve done face time but didn’t feel the need to put my phone on a stand like I did for today’s interview. After a parade of failed attempts, I created my very DIY set up using a stack of books and a hand weight. It worked beautifully and I’m allowing myself undue praise about my achievement…at least for the next hour or so, I don’t want to get a big head.

The Day in Leftovers: I’m finishing up my weekend take-out pizza today in the most delicious way possible. Here’s public service reminder on the best way to reheat leftover pizza.

Pizza in a pan
This is how to do it

Notice this is not a picture of a microwave. Please, don’t break my heart like that. This is a pan. A pan on medium heat low heat holding two delicious pieces of pizza made by someone who knows how to make delicious pizza. I’m not going to ruin their effort: I’m going to celebrate it.



PIzza pan lid
Ironic cooking


After a few minutes heating up, I put a couple drops of water the pan and put a lid on it. My pan doesn’t have a natural lid, but it has a natural, ironic substitute. One minute of steaming and the pizza is ready for round two of eating and whole lot of leftover satisfaction.





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