Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #50

The Big Quarantine – Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Day in 50: In my head when I started posting this cathartic blog about sheltering in place, I pictured a 30-ish day run. Today is the 50th post and, like nearly everything else in the Pandemic era, I’ve got mixed emotions. Of course I’m a little sad that we are still (mostly) confined. But I’m also happy that I’ve kept the project going.

I’m also happy to share my story with the approximately 18 daily readers and dozen or so occasional readers. For me, those are big numbers and I appreciate the comments and communication you’ve given me.

Of course this is a blog about nothing in a world where everything is changing. It is about me trying to control my living space and my mental space in that big scary world. On some levels it is a journal recording the minutiae of a momentous time. On some levels it’s a chance to make an easy joke and share some tunes, recipes and warm thoughts.

At an average of 700 words a day, I’ve written about 35,000 words. For all you publishing fans out there, a 200 page book is about 40,000 words. Basically, I could pull a book out of my butt without breaking a sweat. However, although Corona Confinement: The Book sounds amazing, once I’ve moved out of confinement I don’t think I’m going to want to spend time looking back.

I planned to celebrate this post musically, but fifty isn’t the most musical word. Paul Simon does list 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, but I wanted something more upbeat. So I’m cheating. Enjoy Hawaii 5-0…the very groovy and super short original version.



The Day in Cinco de Shut-In: As a Cinco de Mayo treat, I made a special drop of Fajitas from the Taqueria Mercado to my Mom. I came thisclose to forgetting to order Margaritas. That would have been a disaster. Just imagining the look on her face if I had forgotten the Margs is enough to make me cry.

But, I did  remember the booze and man do I love the perverse thrill of driving around with cocktails in the cupholders! “Officer…The Covid made me do it!!”

The restaurant was busy (I went around lunch time) and it was nice to see my buddy R behind the bar. He, like the majority of hospitality workers, hasn’t worked since the shut down was put into place. I do miss my hospitality peeps! The bar was blocked off, of course, but we socially-distanced hi-fived. It’s a start.

margs and wine
Acceptable Covid driving beverages.

The Day in Creepy: Yep. I was the person driving alone in the car with a face mask on. I felt your stares. But look, the mask I was wearing ties behind my head and it’s hard to put on and take off. I only had two quick-in and quick-out stops so it didn’t seem like it was worth the trouble to take it off and put it back on repeatedly. Plus, the mask is cute. Plus, I think I sound better singing to the radio if I’m wearing a mask. Make fun of me all you want! I can’t hear you because I’m singing so loud!

The Day in the Future: In non-Covid times, me and my Mom would go to lunch, run her errands, and grocery shop every Sunday. When Covid came that changed. Suddenly the  grocery store became a well-populated toxic waste dump. She couldn’t go there safely and I wanted to limit my exposure. Since the shutdown, I have shopped for both of us once every 10 days. We were well-stocked and it was working.

Well, there was a small kink in the plan. Normally every Sunday Mom gets a box of wine. It last about a week, give or take a day. It does not last 10 days. Are you doing the math?

This week my Mom has had enough. Beginning this Sunday, per her, we are shopping together once a week. Lunch is still out, but grocery shopping is in. I’ve explained to her all the new rules she’s missed in the last two months and she is ready to to. She’s got a medical mask. She’s got an attitude. And come Sunday, she’s going shopping.






3 thoughts on “Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #50

  1. Have fun shopping with mom know you will enjoy. Again Alana your. Writings add to my days.

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