Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #51

The Big Quarantine – Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Day in Matzo Brie (Rhymes with Fry): Today I made a classic family recipe for breakfast called Matzo Brei. Back in 2017 I did an extensive write-up about the recipe which you can read at this link.  To say that this recipe makes me sentimental is an understatement. It’s a recipe my Dad taught me to cook. Now that I think about it, it is the only thing he taught me to cook. There is no time when I make matzo brei that I don’t think of my him.

I made the matzo brei today because Kroger had it on sale. Like candy the day after Halloween or Valentine’s day, the matzo made specifically to use for Passover gets deeply discounted when the holiday ends. Without the sale price, a box of matzo can be 4 or 5 bucks and I am notoriously cheap. My box cost $.87. #winning

I do love Matzo! The very lightly flavored and very crispy texture make a great vessel for all kinds of dips and cheese spreads. Personally, I’m a peanut butter and matzo fan! Coincidentally, I happen to be eating a lot of dips, cheese spreads, and peanut butter these days. Glad to have a fresh box of matzo with me on the final days of full confinement.

The Day in Recalls: In pandemic mode when I can’t recall anything, it a mind blower to get a postcard from a Ford Recall settlement for a car I sold 2 /12 years ago. I’d taken the car in to the dealer a couple times for known transmission issues. It was bad. When the car had been paid off for a couple of months, I went back to a Ford dealer for a trade-in thinking they would be sensitive to keeping me as customer and offer me a better deal to make up for the faulty product of theirs I was driving.

I was wrong. My new car is a Chevy.

Even while I owned the car there was already a class action lawsuit and I was in it. I’ve been in these before and have taken home 3 wins for a total combined worth of approximately $27.00. Basically, you just tell some anonymous legal entity that you want a piece of the action. Then a bunch of lawyers fight and take 97% or whatever and you hope you get a scrap. It takes years.

For the Ford Fiesta debacle, I’m at the last stage. For a chance at the big money I had to provide the VIN number of my Ford and the date I bought it. Self-Kudos to me for being able to put my fingers right on that information. Now I’m in arbitration. I don’t have a lot of faith in recouping any money, but it’s like I’ve pulled the arm of a slot machine and it is currently spinning while I await my fate.

The Day in Retail: The TJ Maxx store I work at has a tentative open date. I’m not saying it out loud because I don’t want to jinx it. It will be after the May 12 date Ohio Governor DeWine named as the day retail stores could open. Associates have to go through Covid training and the stores have to be brought back on-line before the store opens to the public.

I’ve got some time to wrap my head around what the store and life are going to be like as I head out for a customer facing job. Focusing on today, not tomorrow, is how I keep my mental faculties from spinning out of control. I still don’t see myself going out just to be going out for quite a while. Part of that stay-inside mentality is because tons of stuff I would go out to do is already canceled. The other part of wanting to stay in is that IT’S AN ‘EFFING PANDEMIC PEOPLE!!!

Covid world is moving fast so I don’t want to get ahead of myself in how I’m going to feel when it’s actually time to start heading out to work on a daily basis. But the time is coming.





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