Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #54

The Big Quarantine – May 9, 2020

The Day in the Market: Holy crap, you guys. Saturday at Findlay Market was nuts. Lots of folks were shopping and working on their new social distancing skills. Shoppers were mostly in good spirits, but the vendors seemed weary. Market staff are still trying to figure out traffic flows, but luckily most everyone was on board with trying to do the right thing.

The vendor stalls and stores looked well-stocked. I stood in line for Blue Oven Bread (for their amazing English muffins) but gave up waiting in the line for Eckerlin’s (the line was moving at a good pace, but it was to be my last stop and my bag was getting too heavy). I stood shoulder to shoulder at the fish market, but was able to maintain distance to buy chicken. There’s a new sausage vendor, who thankfully bought the recipes of the previous sausage vendor. On the other hand, the bakery where I buy my Mom’s favorite ham and cheese croissants is currently closed and peeking in the window, it looks dire. In other words, like everything else in the Pandemic world, a mixed bag.


The Day in Masks (I’m Not Gonna Rant or Lecture): First, I’m done fighting about masks. Of the many things we don’t know about the Corona Virus, we do know face masks are a tool to help slow the spread. Masks are not the perfect tool or the answer to our pandemic problem, but we all know they work. Nevertheless, talking about masks is now about personal preference and, even worse, political allegiance. We talk about masks kind of like how we talk about hanging rolls of toilet paper (our other national fascination). It doesn’t matter if it hangs over or under the product indisputably works both ways. Can we go back to fighting about that? At least there isn’t a health risk.

But I digress. I am a mask wearer anytime I go inside a place of business. I am getting into the habit of always carrying a mask with me (I’ve left my apartment and come back a few times). Cloth masks are items that can be washed and used again, so mask-wearers need to have several. I’m thinking of masks in the way gentlemen used to think of handkerchiefs in that you should use a new one every day and launder them regularly. Of course, the metaphor isn’t perfect because it is never appropriate to offer your mask to another person. Gross.

(Okay, here’s my point) We all need several masks and they are currently in short supply as usage ramps up. I ordered some a couple weeks ago from Etsy and I’ve still got a two week wait. Luckily friends have sent me a couple. In the meantime, I have found masks in a couple odd places in Cincinnati: Pet Wants and The North College Hill Coffee Shop. Both have cloth and medical grade masks and neither are places you’d expect to find any masks at all. If you’re looking for masks to get your new collection going you might have to look in some unusual spots.

And, let me digress on this one more time…Mental health experts said one way to deal with Pandemic was to get yourself a hobby. Collecting masks counts, right?!?

Pet Wants on Vine Street

The Day in Goings-On About Town: I went on a long stroll today. Usually I do a fast exercise walk, but today I wanted to move more slowly and take in the atmosphere. I saw a couple of parking lot parties – Parking lots are the new DIY party venue. Quite a few more restaurants were open for take out than the last time I walked this particular route. And, like normal, some dudes on the street asks if I knew where they could buy a beer. (Side note: No one ever offers to sell me weed, but people always ask me where they can buy beer.) I pointed them to the convenience store on Main.

Outside of Mita’s Restaurant on Fifth street I noticed they have installed a hand sanitizer dispenser by their front door.  That is one sign of the new dining environment that’s coming our way.

Hand sanitizer

The Day in A-wop-bop-a-loobop-a-lop-bam-boom: As a music fan I can’t let this daily blog go by without mentioning Little Richard who passed away today. There is no rock n’ roll without Little Richard. Everyone after him from Elvis to the Beatles to Dylan leaned on him. He also invented rock’s swagger and it’s obvious Mick Jagger was paying attention. Every day in Covid Confinement I try to make sure I dance around the living for a little bit. I might have gotten a little carried away today!

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