Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #56

The Big Quarantine – Monday, May 11 2020

The Day in Job Interviews – Part 1:  My first job interview of the day (and I had two!) was at 10:30 am. It was my first person-to-person (actually in person) appointment since March 12. The morning was progressing at my new Covid morning pace. I was drinking coffee, catching up on how our country is being torn apart, and eating some carbs. As many of you know, time isn’t moving the way any of us expect, speeding up and slowing down throughout the day without warning. I’m sure that’s why at 9:47 I looked up at a clock and blurted right out loud, “Oh crap, I gotta get moving!” I did. I showered and was was out of the house by 10 after 10 with my shaggy hair and dress pants that – surprise! – still fit.

Company number one is a small property management company. I would be one of three people in the office. It’s not far from my apartment and I can see the tip of the downtown skyline from their office. The position does not have as much interface with customers as I would prefer, but it’s a good job and I’d like doing it, especially learning some new software. The interview was short, I don’t think it lasted 15 minutes, but it seemed positive. Wait, that was me…I seemed positive. I’ll have to wait and see what they think!

The Day in Job Interviews – Part 2: When I got home from Interview One, I immediately reverted back to Pandemic Wear for a few hours. The I re-gussied up and headed to a family owned restaurant supply company, also not far from my apartment. One of the objects of my job search is to work closer to where I live.

This interview was a laconic conversation where once again I told the owner I did not have Quick Book experience. I had already told him this on the phone but he wanted to meet anyway. Do you think the pandemic just has people scheduling any old appointment under any flimsy excuse?

This is small, family-owned company and my job would have some customer facing responsibilities. However, my feeling as the owner walked me around was that I don’t want to work there. You just know.

The Day in Comfort Food: Like almost everyone, my eating is out of whack. What I eat, and even when I eat has finally settled into a pattern I would not have recognized just a few months ago. Of course, if my whole day has changed, it just made sense to change my eating habits.

I still start with breakfast, but I now eat my main meal in the late afternoon (3 or 4) and have a light snack in the evening. This is quite Mexican of me, but not at all what I’ve done in the past. As for the 3 or 4 pm main meal, I may just be in training for Senior Meal Deals.

I’ve been eating simple food and don’t crave anything fancy. Because I enjoy cooking, I’ve been surprised to find that I don’t feel like cooking every day. But I also don’t want to make one thing and eat it over and over. I’m working on better meal planning, but I haven’t quite got it down. I graze the fridge/pantry more nights for dinner than I probably should. A big bowl of popcorn with butter counts for dinner, too. (That’s always been the case Covid times or not, I just wanted to give popcorn dinner a shout out!)

I have really enjoyed my once a week baking projects. I’m a very basic baker. No fancy dessert has ever come out of my kitchen. My layer cakes lean and my iced cakes look like I handed the spatula to a toddler. Still, I like to bake a small cake or sweet bread or brownies to eat through the week. Finding some new and, did I mention, basic dessert recipes to add to my repertoire has been fun. 

The best part of pandemic eating has been wallowing in my comfort/snack foods. At first, Taco-Flavored Doritos, toast made with Allez Bakery bread, and plain potato chips were my best soothing snacks. As the weeks have passed, I’m done with Doritos and I’ve decided I’ve got to cool it on the toast (I’ll be back though, I can’t quit toast!). Plain potato chips (I have several brands I like) have held up for me and peanut butter is making a comeback. These are all typical foods for me even in non pandemic times. Weirdly, sneaking in to steal my culinary heart in the Covid world, I now can’t get enough Bleu Cheese dip and sweet pickles. I don’t even know why I’m craving these. I swear to every higher power the world has ever know, if I am pregnant no one will ever hear the end of it.



3 thoughts on “Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #56

  1. I’m TOTALLY with you on popcorn dinner(MUST be homemade!) as is my entire family from when I was a wee child. Velveeta, used sparingly, is DELICIOUS! 🍿🧀🍿

  2. Appreciate the shout out to Popcorn Dinner! We had that one night recently too. And Taco Doritos are the best! I loved them growing up in the ’70’s and then they disappeared from the shelves for quite a while. A true comfort food for me. Hope you find a great job soon!

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