Corona Confinement – The Big Q: #60

The Big Quarantine – Friday, May 15

The Day in the Weather Working With Me (For a Change): I had an interview scheduled for early afternoon, about the time a storm was predicted to blow through. When I’m walking around town I’m as in tuned to the  weather as a farmer. Headed to an interview with Pandemic hair and Covid-Carb-Belly I was already at a first impression disadvantage and I didn’t want to come in storm-blown. Luckily, the storm didn’t hit downtown and the first step of the interview, the part I couldn’t control, went off without a hitch!

The Day in Putting My Best Foot Forward: The aforementioned interview was the week’s fourth and final job interview, a second round meeting at a downtown legal office to do the administrative work I would like to get back to.

For the last three years my full-time job was, essentially, to stare into an excel spreadsheet for 8 hours a day and fiddle with it. I was good at the job but that isn’t a joyful job for me. I had three goals for 2020 to get myself to a better place. First, I planned  to quit. Second, I planned to take a couple months off from office work and earn my money via the gig economy tending bar and working at the Reds Stadium. I planned to use my free time hanging out around town and I wanted sooooo badly to get a membership to the Mercantile Library and spend time the there (#NerdAlert). Third, as summer ended, I planned to reenter the traditional job market, but only if I found something I wanted to do within walking distance of my apartment.

How’d I do? I built a financial nest egg making it possible to take care of goal one and was able to quit. If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you know my hand was forced on quitting a little earlier than I wanted to, but I went with it. Goal two, my summer of love, was ready to go but, I think you know how this went. I sat on my couch as Covid changed everything and threw goal two out the window. Which brings me to today where I took care of goal three…and did it three months early. I got myself a job that suits me, at company whose mission I can support, and whose location is four blocks away. Perfection.

The funny thing about this job is that the company initially posted it directly via a job board. I applied but got a notification that the job was no longer available. I learned today that they had actually pulled my resume aside, but decided to switch gears and work with an agency instead of doing their own direct hire. Serendipitously, the agency they chose was mine. And the second time this company saw my resume, this time tailored to their needs by my agency, the company wanted to talk to me immediately.

In case you’re keeping score, due to circumstances at the job I held as the year began, I left earlier than I wanted to and ran smack into a global pandemic. I did not panic and against all odds, ended up exactly where I planned. Man, I wish I could take you all out for a drink and celebratory hi-fives and hugs. Let me make that 2020’s Goal Number Four Make a note of it.

The Day in Avoiding the Crowd Experiment: Today a lot of outdoor dining opportunities are opening up for the first time in the Covid Era. As someone who desperately wants to got to go out and hang with friends, I will be staying in this weekend. The new rules and new culture are too new and too different than when we all went out last. That’s a recipe for confusion. And, sorry to stereotype, but the majority of the crowd hankering for the immediate opening of the economy have not shown tendencies toward courtesy. The set up does not seem fun and, worse, we don’t really know how the virus is moving through our community. While our hospitals are not at capacity and can now handle new cases, I don’t think we all need to go out and sick right away.

I will slowly start visiting places soon. In the meantime, tonight I’m enjoying the Fuego sandwich from Lucius Q at home.

Fuego…So good! 





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