What I Learned This Week: #148

Monday June 8   – Sunday, June 14

The Week in Personal Growth:  I grocery shop with my Mom on Sundays and I usually buy Kroger Sushi for my Sunday dinner. (There is an elderly sushi master somewhere in Japan weeping over the phrase Kroger Sushi.) Every week Cookie mocks my food choice. This week though, after she was finished telling me about my horrible food choices, she decided that maybe she should try it.

We walked back to the sushi station and I handed her California Rolls (aka – sushi for beginners). I explained how to eat it and not to be afraid of it because all the sushi at Kroger was designed for American tastebuds. The sushi maker, behind her mask, was nodding vigorously and laughing.

I called Cookie midweek and the first thing she said was “Oh. My. God. The Sushi was excellent!” Well, score one of the adventurous eating daughter she spawned! And score one for Cookie for giving her arch nemesis food a try!

The Week in The Internet Thinks it Knows Everything, Maybe it Does: I found face masks in stock and ready to ship from an unusual source, Mother Bee Maternity. Then, unrelated, a friend directed my to look up baby names on a baby name website. I’m interested to see how the internet processes my new maternal interests. Will the collective algorithm think I’m about to be a new Mom or a new Grandma? And beyond the internet, given the way 2020 is going, I would not be surprised to immaculately conceive any time this fall. Stay tuned.

The Week in Covid Era Excitement: Pre-Covid Thursdays  often walked down to Knockback Nat’s where I’d meet up with bunch of neighborhood folks and we’d drink and chat to give the weekend a rollicking start.

On this Covid Era Thursday…I cleaned my hairbrush.

Don’t worry. I held back a little for Friday.  After dinner,  I got to use a new face cleanser.

How about me?!?!

St. Ives
Fresh skin scrubbing qualifies for entertainment in the Covid Era

The Week in Covid Awakening – Part 1: Pony OTR reopened this week for carry out. It was the second to last restaurant/bar in my immediate area to reopen. The last holdout was Japp’s which opened two days later as you’ll see below.

Pony is mostly a neighborhood bar with well-prepared, basic bar food. Monday Meatloaf and Friday Fish Fry are their homey specials. Their thick cut and well-seasoned fries are among my favorites, as are their wings.

When I called to place my order on Saturday the bartender asked if I knew the menu was limited. I didn’t and my heart sank a little thinking maybe wings were out, but just as quickly, I remembered the sign outside the bar specifically said ‘Open for Wing Carry Out.’ Good thing. That sign is what started my powerful wing craving. The wings did not disappoint. I’m glad to have them back.

Side Note One: Standing at the bar to pick up my wings, I had that old pre-Covid craving for draft beer. I got a Bell’s to go. The bartender put it in a clear plastic cup. I sipped on that roadie all the way home. Nobody cares about open container enforcement anymore. Look, I really hate the pandemic, but we’ve known each other long enough that I’m starting to see some of its good qualities.

Side Note Two: To get the phone number to call in my order I googled “Pony O” and the rest auto filled. Immediately though I started getting ads for Pony-O Hair, a place that sells thingies to create pony-tails and buns. Me and my nape-length hair are amused.

The Week in Covid Awakening – Part 1: Saving the best of the no-food bars for last, Japps on Main re-opened Sunday to a wholly new Covid Era bar concept. Owner/Founder/Bar Historian Molly Wellman implemented Covid restrictions with a little flare. The new rules are fairly typical in the new era – you need a reservation, ordering and payment are contactless, and the seating is properly socially distanced. What’s different here is redesigned, garden look of the space. In front of the bar where there once were bar stools that held customers’ butts there are now pedestals holding plants; but the space is as warm and welcoming as possible. Plus, the same staff is still there making their same great cocktails. I’m reserving a seat for a Japp’s Manhattan very soon.

The Week in Being Sure: I went to an ATM with my new card and there were a few set-up questions. For every answer I keyed in, they prompted me with “are you sure?” Like, I chose proceed in English and PNC asked if I was sure. Si! They asked for confirmation for every question except the one I keyed in wrong. So now my instant “fast withdrawal” is set at $10 not $100. Dammit!!! On the plus side, I’m sure the people at PNC data think I’m super frugal which may help me in future loan requests, right?!?!?

The Week in Protest Art – An Update: Last week I posted a picture of an painting that listed kids killed by police officers. I thought the blank space was for a poignant reminder that more kids names would probably be added unless we address systemic issues with laws and law enforcement.

Actually, the painting wasn’t finished. The artist filled in the space with names of even more people killed by police and it is just as devastating.


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