What I Learned This Week: #149

Monday, June 15 – Sunday, June 21

The Week in Street Weed: Finally, for the first time in the 6 1/2 years I’ve been living and walking around downtown, someone asked me if I wanted to buy some weed. We were walking past each other, and his “ask” was benign and friendly, not much different than a cashier at a retail store offering me the store’s frequent shopper program. I stopped in my tracks and thanked him for asking. He laughed.

There are a lot more serious discrimination issues in our country, but the barrier against asking old white ladies if they want week may be coming down.

Oh, I didn’t need his (ahem) service because the street has not been a successful supply chain for me.

The Week in Good Choices: June 19 would have been my 3-year anniversary at my previous job. Normally on my work anniversary I would bring baked goods to my co-workers as at “thank you” for putting up with me for another year! My anniversary date was on my calendar (now deleted) and the entry gave me a reflective chance too look back. In this year of out-of-my-control upheaval, it’s nice to remember that I made some good choices.

I knew by the end of 2019 that I had to leave that job. I didn’t know how, I just knew I would leave by the end of Spring, at the latest. I did not expect to be handed a cover story for leaving so soon, but I couldn’t let that early March moment pass. I may have left partially under duress, at a particularly awful time in world history, but I left to create a new positive and that is where I am.

The Week in Re-Opening – Takin’ a Gamble: The region’s saddest gambling establishment reopened this week.

No name Casino
Branding gone wrong.

Hard Rock Casino was in the middle of rebranding  from Jack Casino when the pandemic closed its doors.  It may officially be called the Hard Rock now, but for their main entrance all they could come up with in the last 12 weeks is:  “____ Casino.” Of course, if they are as lax with their odds as they are with their signage, this may be a good week for a visit.


You’re here to gamble, not read!

To add to the sadness, the “Welcome Back Rockers” sign was already falling down a day before the official launch.

From it’s days as the Horseshoe Casino, through the Jack Casino years, and now into the Hard Rock Casino era, this is one of the few casino’s in the world where I am attractive enough to be a cocktail waitress.


The Week in Insecurity: This week I read Beryl Markham’s 1942 memoir, West with the Night. Set in post-colonial Africa, Markham’s recounts growing up on an African farm, becoming a well-known racehorse trainer, and then becoming one of the era’s preeminent air pilots. It’s a breezy read with some excellent observations.

I read the Kindle edition, and for the first time ever, right after chapter one, this notification popped up:

Not Loving It?
Not Loving It???

I mean, c’mon Open Road Publishing. Have a little confidence in your product!

The Week in International Spice: Though not well-known in the U.S. (or at least in the Mid-West), TAJÍN® CLÁSICO is a Mexican chile-lime seasoning that is delicious on fruits and vegetables. On their website one of their taglines is “Take your corn to the next level.” Yes, I want to do that! Foodie websites will have you Tajin-ing your popcorn immediately.

Tajin is sold at my Kroger in the produce section near the nuts and salad toppings. It’s like the store doesn’t know where to put it. It clearly looks like spice, and the label tells you it’s not candy, so it seems like a no-brainer to put it in the spice aisle. But what do I know?

The Week In BLM and Moving Forward:  This week BLM painted Cincinnati’s own Black Lives Matter street mural, taking our cue from Washington, D.C. Multiple artists worked in groups on each letter to spell out the words of change on the street in front of City Hall. I walked by while they were painting it. A pop up storm had just blown through and most of the project was covered in tarp, but the energy was unmistakable.

I was glad to see how organized the event was, showing signs of becoming a movement that can take advantage of this moment to make change. The night of the unveiling of the mural, another well-organized event was held on Main Street. There, several tables and chairs were set up and neighbors were encouraged to sit and talk to one another. All together it was a hopeful day.

blm mural
This is the first full image I saw of the mural. It’s beautiful. And yes, I teared up.

The Week in Random Things that Amused Me:

What if the rapture already came and only this guy made it?
Why is this entrance dull? #You just walked into a Dad Joke

The Week in Father’s Day: My Dad was a huge fan of music from the Swing Era, especially Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Miller’s tunes and arrangements were highly influential and defined the Big Band sound. It’s unusual to hear original recordings of Big Band music in the general soundtrack of our lives, but every now and then at a restaurant, or store, or once, at an airport, In the Mood, Miller’s iconic 1941 tune fills the air. I always think my Dad is near and I pay extra attention because I’m sure he’s trying to tell me something. He always was. Also, In the Mood is a JAM!


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