What I Learned This Week: #152

Monday, June 6 – Sunday, June 12

The Week in the Only Curve That’s Flattened is My Social Life: I did two live social things this this week. 1) I ate outside at Lucius Q after bravely battling an unexpected rain shower. 2) I went to a friend’s house for dinner and, in the wake of gathering clouds, we just just barely got our patio party moved to the garage where we could remain socially distanced during the rain shower.

Pre-covid, going inside when it rained was not a remarkable action. Now I really have to think about how I want to handle rain while I’m being social. Weird. Since I go out so infrequently I get kind of salty when the weather is working against me.

ooooh. Rain clouds.
A little rain in the Covid era can throw things off!

The Week in Jukebox Tunes: The long awaited second location of Sugar and Spice  opened on Sycamore Street, Covid be damned. The grand opening was Saturday, but they’ve been open “quietly” for over a week. I haven’t eaten there yet (they have carry out and plenty of outdoor seating), but I have heard and enjoyed the 50’s music they pipe out to the street while they are open. The music is great mix of tunes any fan of 50’s music would know, but they mix those songs with deeper bluesy cuts which keeps the playlist from being boring.  This week walking past on my way to work on Monday morning, Little Richard serenaded me to the start of my work week with Tuttti Frutti. I did not expect the soundtrack of my current life to be so Fonz-esque, but there you have it.

Open from 7 – 3 with 50’s Tunes piped out for passersby.

The Week in Books and Bats!!: The Hamilton County Library still hasn’t opened for browsing the shelves and that is one of my favorite nerd activities. I have spent a lot of time and discovered many great books (and a few other stack-stalking weirdos) as I slowly walked along the shelves.

My new substitute for that activity is to go to the Library website, go to kindle books, and click on books that are available and are new to the system in the last 7 days.  Most of the new available books are kids books, romance novels and new editions of older titles. The selection is very random but that’s what I like. My  pick from this week was Just Bats.

The book was originally released in 1983 and I do not have a theory as to why the Library decided to add this title to the collection this week. But, I decided to give it a try.

I don’t know much about bats and learning about them wasn’t a priority, or even anywhere on my radar however…Covid. I got time.

The scanned pictures in the Kindle edition, much like the low quality of the cover photo,  almost all look like blobs, so I just look at them and nod sagely like I can tell what I’m looking at.




The best part of the book is how enthusiastic the author is. I have read many science based books and none use the exclamation point as liberally as this one. I am maybe more excited about bat behavior and the size of bat penises than I really should be!!


The Week In Cooking: My co-worker brought me a bunch of chard from her CSA produce box because the box had so many leafy greens she thought her family would revolt if they had to eat so many salads. I took the greens, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. She asked what I was going to do with them. I told her I make a chard and sausage gratin (really a frittata, but I’ve taken to calling this recipe a gratin). She’s a vegetarian, but the recipe would work easily without the sausage. On one hand, I got to eat a very fresh chard gratin this week. On the other hand, now that my co-worker knows how to use chard, I probably won’t see anymore freebies!

The Week in Flour where Flowers Should be: Found on my morning walk, a random, empty bag of flour in a place pretty far away from the nearest place an empty flour bag would logically be. Maybe I should find out the street value of flour.

Random Flour

The Week in Dish Management: 

Dishwash Rack Stack
Domestic Jenga


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