What I Learned This Week: #156

Monday, August 3 – Sunday, August 9

The Week in Covid-Era Travel – The Rationale: Last week I posted about the days leading up to a house boat trip (The Week in Killing My Mother’s Joy). Since the beginning of the Covid Era, I have tried to behave the best, most socially-responsible, and civically-minded way I can. I wear masks and  don’t go places I don’t have to go. Social-distance is my middle name. Clearly, going on a vacation was firmly in the official “no” category of things to be doing right now. The trip loomed large on the calendar and as it got closer I could see that my model behavior was about to get lax.

I made a list of objective reasons for going and not going. After seriously thinking about the pros and cons, my head said not to go.  That wasn’t the final answer. My lizard brain missed hanging out with my friends and said to go. And then my head chimed in again to say not to go. But…my heart said that if my friends were going, I should to go too. That rationale, as any adult knows, is the worst reason to do something. But there you have it.

I went and had a blast. As soon as the boat pulled out of the marina, we were in our own world, for better or worse. We couldn’t quite forget the world and the pandemic side, but nothing was going to stop us from ‘gettin’ our vacation on.’

Now I am sitting back at home and starting my 14-day Covid Symptom Incubation countdown, hoping I don’t get sick (knowing I probably won’t). Good idea or not, what’s done is done and I have to focus on the positive and that everything will be fine. 

I’m also feeling a bout of land sickness, whereby my brain is still compensating my balance as if I’m still on the boat. Wheeee, I’m swaying at the computer desk! Land sickness should fulfill my quota for sickness I can get from the boat trip, right?!?

The Week in Covid-Era Travel – The People With Whom I Will Never See Eye-to-Eye With on Mask Wearing: We drove through Kentucky on our way into Tennessee, making just one-stop on the 4 1/2 hour drive each way. The gas station/mini mart hybrids we stopped at had very low mask wearing compliance, including a maskless law enforcement officer. At the fairly busy marina on our way out Friday, the only mask wearers were the people in my group.  As a leisure traveler I’m in no position to tell people how to behave in a pandemic, but the willful lack of concern about a real, life-threatening virus infuriates me. If everyone would do the three things, mask/socially distance/wash those hands, we’d all be a better place.

The Week in Covid-Era Travel (Actually, Any Era of Travel) – Sketchy Bathrooms: I love stopping at highway interchange gas stations. They know you’re there to pee, but why not leave with a bag of high sodium food and colorful drinks to get you to your next stop? The Shell station in wherever the hell we were in Kentucky met a lot of my expectations. The bathroom was on the sketchy side, the kind of room that is not quite clean, with doors that don’t quite close, and sinks/soap dispensers that have seen better days.  Bathroom bonus: the doors to the restrooms were tucked in just behind the fried chicken counter, a surprising layout, for sure. Mask use here was for Libtards, obvs. Just behold the maskless man who carried the chicken from the kitchen in back to the counter, while touching his runny nose. He’s probably been serving chicken like that for years and nothing has ever happened. The people in that place don’t see anything out of the ordinary except a bunch of mask-wearing out of towners who just don’t get it.


The Week in Covid-Era Travel (Actually, Any Era of Travel)- The Postcards: Postcards for out of the way, little places, are tough to come by. When I travel, I bring a stack of random postcards and send them off and I almost always get the cards out with the local mail on my way back home. I missed this time. I mailed the stack from home and I will talk to each in every recipient well before the receive their card. Oh well. I tried!

Not Moscow
Some random cards…I went to Tennessee, not Russia but any card’ll do.



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