What I Learned This Week: #158

Monday, August 17 – Sunday, August 23

The Week in Omens: I woke up Monday morning rarin’ to to. I practically jumped out of bed and got right to an extra long walk and a great start to daily step count. Then I was greeted by a Two Yolk Egg. Per the Google machine, this occurs roughly every 1,000 eggs and could mean I’m pregnant, I’m about to experience great luck, or someone near me is about to die. Of course, I chose option two and enjoyed an extra hearty breakfast to get the week started right.


The Week in Burger Week – Covid Era: Traditionally, Burger Week has been a fun week of visiting familiar and new restaurants trying burger concoctions for 6 bucks each. Restaurants are busy, people are happy, and burgers are flying.

Most of that is true in the Covid Era. The burgers await. Of course, restaurants aren’t as busy and people aren’t quite as happy, generally. Where in years past I might have gone to two or three places, this year, I chose one, Moerlein House at the Banks. I hadn’t been there probably since last fall, and it is one of my favorite spots. The food and service are always good and the outdoor seating is spacious. OMG! Did someone say spacious outdoor seating? During a pandemic? Count me in.

I had their Boursin burger with candied onions with one of my favorite side dishes in the city…the Angry Mac and Cheese. It’s just big spirally noodle mac and cheese with pieces of hot kielbasa stirred in, but I love it. And, I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I teared up a little when the waiter put it in front of me. I was happy to see a full menu including some changes, including a couple new beers. I was again a little emotional because the already have their Oktoberfest beer on tap and I think it’s pretty clear there will be no Oktoberfest this year.

A friend who is in my Covid bubble joined me. Despite my general emotion sensitivity, we ate and drank and chatted like we didn’t have a care in the world.

The Week in Doctor’s Appointments: Two of my Mom’s routine doctors visits from the spring were pushed back to this week, the first time she’s been to a doctor since March. The protocols in the doctor’s office, and in the Hospital Medical Center take a minute to get used to (like everywhere else), but it seems more important here than, say, TJ Maxx. At the hospital, the entire bustling lobby has been reduced to a folding table where everyone checks in. At both offices, each person, including me, was asked the traditional Covid questions (Are you experiencing a fever or cough?) and our our temperatures were taken. We each got a sticker with our temperature on it to wear while we were in the building. It was nice to be included even though I was just an onlooker! Worst part, the hospital lobby removed the cafe. I was really counting on the morning coffee.

The Week in Pandemic Splurge: I got my second haircut of the pandemic era this week and both he and my guy, and the entire salon, seemed way less on edge that my first cut back in May when things had just opened. Pandemic protocol has patrons wait outside until it’s their turn, and I used my waiting time to stop into the gift shop next door. It was cute. The owner was super nice. And…I did not need one thing in that store. But some of the same sentimentality that made me tear up at an order of mac and cheese earlier in the week, made me want to help make this little shop succeed. I’ve been in situations where I feel obligated to make a purchase, even though this time was completely self-conflicted, and I always try to make that purchase count by buying something functional. This week, completely out of character, I went frivolous and bought a small wooden puzzle. I’m glad I did. It’s cool.

Not saying how much I spent, but each piece is worth roughly 33 cents. More wild than wise.

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