What I Learned This Week: #160

Monday, August 31 – Sunday, September 6

The Week in in the most Peculiar Puzzle: This week at TJ Maxx I came across a peculiar puzzle that had two titles: Bowie in Outer Space / Where’s Bowie?. Though there are clearly some fanboy elements to be found (like the appearance of Flight of the Concords), not much about this picture makes sense. Bowie is there. He’s on the brown tower to the left-top of the puzzle in his best Ziggy Stardust attire. Also, one thing I’ve learned in the Covid Era is the very controversial way of packing a puzzle back up with one bag just for the edge pieces. Am I a cheater or a hero?

The Week in Emotions: I walk past the county jail on my way to and from work and every day I see a wild and raw display of human emotions. People stand on the sidewalk and look up to the thin, horizontally cut windows communicating love and hate to the men inside. Mostly the messages focused up are of love with people gathering on the sidewalk blowing kisses, holding up signs of encouragement, releasing balloons, and even on a fairly regular basis celebrating a birthday. It’s actually heartbreaking on so many levels. It’s not all love, of course. The guys inside are there for nefarious reasons and their victims and family members they have left behind have a lot to say.

I’ve seen/heard quite a few shouting matches among people coming and going around the Justice Center. One of the classics is a man and a woman arguing loudly to out scream each other, and the man keeps screaming, “Bitch!” for almost every response and the woman just as forcefully responds, “get a job!” I mean, where would a couples therapist start for these two?

The Week in Unnecessary Kitchen Tools: I bought some reusable “food wraps” but they do not do what the picture on the box shows. They do, however, stick to each other and it’s weirdly satisfying to pull them apart. During the covid era I’ll take entertainment wherever I can get it!

I also bought sporks to add to my tableware. This actually seemed inevitable. I believe, maybe a tad too strongly, that spoons are under-utilized in our daily meals. I can’t thing of a single casserole style dish from lasagna to a breakfast casserole, that isn’t more efficiently eaten with a spoon instead of a fork. And since the spork lends some stabbing power, this is the tool we should be reaching for more often. I will gladly lead this very important culinary movement.

The Week in Sprucing Up the Apartment: I added a new door to my apartment. A mini-door that I’ve taken to calling the Portal. f I can get through this door, I hope I can get some answers from that dimension to bring back to our. Having a portal makes my brain work like I’m living in a Sci-fi novel!

The Week in Visions: I asked my co-worker if she saw a horse in the plaster in our stairwell. She said that’s no horse and when I went back to look, I saw her point.

Horse in plaster

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