What I Learned This Week: #162

Monday, September 14 – Sunday, September 20

The Week in Covid vs. Everything Else Medical: While the Federal Government screws around politicizing Covid, real world examples of the lack of leadership trickle down through hospitals and doctor’s offices as people try to navigate the unknown. I’ve heard a few stories about what a hassle it is to get routine out-patient procedures during the Covid Era. This week my Mom had an appointement for a re-scheduled a laparoscopic probe originally scheduled right as Covid descended back in March and she got a Covid test as required. Then the scope doctor called and said her test would be two days out of date by the time of surgery (even though my Mom does not leave the house) and she had to get another one. Then it was a race to see if the second test results would come back on time. Luckily they did and the results were negative.

At the med center, only the patient is allowed inside. They call the driver when it’s over and while waiting to pick up my Mom I just saw zombie-fied people being led out to waiting cars. The staff is doing their best, but the type of care they are required to give just isn’t as warm as what I would normally see. It’s sad.

The Week in Over-Selling, but in a Charming Way: On the opposite side of the emotion spectrum, I grabbed a to-go noodle salad from Coffee Emporium which the counter guy described as exhilarating!!! I mean, that is quite a sales pitch. And, it was pretty good. Maybe not exhilarating, but maybe I wasn’t feeling it because I ate it at my desk at work, the least exhilarating place to eat, ever.

The Week in Gastropoda and the Universe: My coworker decided to bring a crystal from her garden to work (don’t ask) and mid-morning she realized a live snail was attached to it. She was quite enamored, and why not? A living snail is a cool desk accessory. Mid-afternoon though, the snail detached from the crystal and was lying lifeless on her desk. Tragedy! Also, Snail Killer! She put it in an envelope to take home and I suggested the little guy needed some moisture, so she moistened the envelopeand when she went home the snail had recovered completely! Whew!

Not Gary the Snail, but a fully recovered snail!

To keep the theme of the day going, when I went out after work I had a drink a Low Spark. Their Covid deal is that you scan a QRL code and that links to their cocktail menu. The second drink on the list was Gary the Snail. Of course that’s what I ordered. I didn’t see snail appreciation day coming, but I took full advantage of it.

The Week in the Clink of Glassware: I ate at Pep & Delores one of the restaurants that opened as soon as the Governor gave the okay, and has been getting rave reviews for their handling of the situation. They have outdoor seating in a “good” tent, the kind you would rent for a fancy wedding. Their service hasn’t missed a beat transitioning into the new world, and they are a fully (Covid-reduced) capacity. And it was nice to eat on real plates with real silverware and glassware. Many, many restaurants are bring to-go boxes to your table, which I understand, but I don’t have to love.

P & D also offered their full menu (many places are offering less choices). Since I knew everything on the menu would be great, I shut my eyes, gave the menu a spin and pointed, telling the waitress to make the call on where my finger landed. It was the Limone pasta, the one I perhaps least interested in, and it was outstanding. Also, the waitress hadn’t seen anyone choose a dish like that before, so it was fun to have her play along. Remember random human interactions like that?…sigh!

The Week in Zinzinnati: Oktoberfest is one of Cincinnati’s greatest events, we’ve been told it’s the second largest Oktoberfest in the world, behind Munich, Germany. This year, our Oktoberfest has been reduced to the Chicken Dance done via Zoom, and restaurants offering Oktoberfest menus and beer and calling the dinner Oktoberfest. Fine.

My regular Oktoberfest crew had a socially distanced celebration out in the suburbs, and, based on the sale of brats, metts, sauerkraut, German potato salad, and schnitzel from my butcher shop, a lot of people around town had the same idea. Next year, hopefully, we’ll polka together once again!

Not to brag, but this is the perfect image of Oktoberfest 2020!

The Week in Steel Drum: Arts Wave is dispatching musicians around Downtown and OTR bringing much needed live music to the street. I came upon this steel drum player who, true to stereotypes, was playing Under the Sea, and then, to break the spell he followed up with I Shot the Sheriff. Covid Era music, like everything else is weird…but I’ll take it!

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